How to Put a Pillow in Your Bass Drum

by Elijah Chau
The bass drum is the largest part of a drum kit.

The bass drum is the largest part of a drum kit.

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The bass drum is one of the largest pieces in a drum kit, but as with any component, proper tuning and sound management is crucial to getting the best possible tone. Putting a pillow inside your bass drum can give you extra control over how your bass drum sounds. To install a pillow, you simply need the proper tools to access your bass drum.

Items you will need

  • Drum key
  • Pillow
Step 1

Begin unscrewing the lugs on one side of the bass drum with the drumkey. The lugs are the screws that hold the drumhead to the bass drum's chassis. Unscrew each lug at an even rate---if one lug is fully unscrewed while the others are at full tension, it can damage the bass drum.

Step 2

Continue unscrewing all of the bass drum's lugs until the drum head is fully loosened. Remove and place aside.

Step 3

Place your pillow inside the bass drum.

Step 4

Reattach the bass drum head. Retune the head to its previous tension to finish the pillow installation process.

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