How to Put in an Invitation That You Want Cash

by Lanh Ma

While gifts are wonderful, cash may be a significantly more useful present. A soon-to-be married couple may have everything it already needs, and a young graduate may need cash to get his first apartment. Asking for money in lieu of traditional gifts is slightly unorthodox but more and more people are doing it. One way to make your wishes known is to slide it into the celebration invitations.

Step 1

Add a small statement at the bottom of your invitation saying: "In lieu of presents, the recipient requests monetary gifts." This is a very blunt way to get the point across but it gets the job done and is becoming more popular.

Step 2

Offer a choice. If you know that some members of your family or friends will balk at offering money, make bringing gifts an option. This way, people who are uncomfortable with giving money can offer a more traditional gift.

Step 3

Indicate that a money tree or a wishing well will be present at the celebration. This is a pleasant way to get the point across and the wishing well or money tree adds some visual décor to the party.

Step 4

Tell your friends and family to help you spread the word. Word of mouth is a great way to let people know that you would prefer cash at the party. However, you should not rely on it exclusively.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some wedding registry sites allow guests to put cash toward specific goals. Guests can record how much they would like to put toward such things as a honeymoon or a house down payment.

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