What to Put in a Bridal Shower Goodie Bag

by Barbie Carpenter

Thanking your bridal shower guests with a goodie bag full of treats is a thoughtful way to send them home. Use the theme of your shower or the bride's interests as inspiration for your bridal shower goodie bag. Your bridal shower guests -- not to mention the bride herself -- will appreciate your generosity, as well as the goodies they receive.

Thematic Goodie Bag

If your bridal shower has a theme, use that theme as inspiration for your goodie bag. If you're hosting a kitchen-themed shower, where guests bring the bride gifts to use in the kitchen, you can include kitchen items in the goodie bag. Fill it with a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons, a laminated card printed with the bride's favorite recipe and a package of muffin mix. If you're hosting a stock-the-bar shower, fill the goodie bag with a plastic margarita glass, mini-bottle of tequila and margarita mix.

Bride's Favorite Things

Give your guests a goodie bag full of the bride's favorite things. If you're hosting the bridal shower, you probably know the bride well enough to know what she likes, but you can also consult her for some guidance. Look for low-price-point items to stay within budget. You can include items such as lip gloss, body lotion or wash, candy and perfume. Purchase miniature items to keep costs down while celebrating what the bride loves.

Sweet Treats

A sweet treat will hit the spot with all of your bridal shower guests. If the bride has a favorite dessert, whip up a batch and include it in the goodie bag. Individual items, such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies and bar cookies, work best. Wrap the items in cellophane and tie it closed with a colorful ribbon. Include a personalized label on each wrapped treat with a message such as "Thanks for coming to Michelle's Bridal Shower" or "Congratulations, Michelle!"

Love Goodie Bag

You're celebrating the bride because of love, so create a love-themed goodie bag to give to guests. Heart-shaped items, from candies to cookies, work well for this bag. Include a heart-shaped picture frame with the engaged couple's picture in it. Print your favorite love poem on a piece of red or pink cardstock and add it to the goodie bag to get everyone in the mood for romance.

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