What to Put on a Bridal Shower Bingo Board

by Kimberly Turtenwald
Bridal shower bingo can be played while the bride opens her gifts.

Bridal shower bingo can be played while the bride opens her gifts.

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Bridal shower bingo is a game that can be personalized in several different ways to fit the style of the shower. Some hostesses use the game like every other shower game, while others choose to use it as a way to pass time while the bride opens her gifts. The hostess can either buy the bingo cards preprinted or she can get creative and make her own.

Gift Fill-In

Instead of giving your guests prefilled bridal bingo cards, create blank cards that have fifteen squares. Place the word "free" into the center space on each card just like in any other bingo game. As guests arrive, instruct them to fill in a potential bridal gift into each of the squares on the card. This allows each guest to customize their card. As the bride opens her gifts, the guests can mark off the squares as she goes. When someone gets bingo, she wins a prize.

Gift-Related Words

If you do not want to give your guests the responsibility of filling in their own cards, you can still play gift bingo. Create bingo cards and fill in each square with either a gift type, so it is less specific, or an item from the bride's registry. Using gifts from the bride's registry increases the likelihood that she will actually receive the gift. However, if you use generic wedding gifts, such as picture frame, towel and cookware, chances are good that she will receive those items as well.

Wedding Words

To play bingo as an independent game during the shower games, choose words that are related to weddings for your bingo card. Either give the guests blank cards and provide them with a list of words to use on their cards or provide them with preprinted cards. If you design the cards yourself, choose wedding-related words, such as bride, groom, future, romance and honeymoon. Draw the words in random order until someone gets bingo. If you have more than one prize to distribute for the game, keep calling out words until you have reached the right number of winners.

Themed Cards

A twist on the traditional bridal shower bingo is to give each column on the card a specific theme. For instance, one column can contain potential honeymoon destinations, while another contains the names of the bridal party members. To use these themes, get together with the bride and other bridesmaids and brainstorm a list of things to call out during the game. Choose more than five words for each column to avoid having too many winners. Another twist on the bingo game is to write "bride" across the top of the board instead of "bingo" and require winners to yell out "bride." A themed bingo game is played with the other games, not when the bride opens her gifts.

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