What to Put in Birthday Party Gift Bags for 7-Year-Olds

by Tamiya King

As you are planning your seven-year-old's birthday party, it is important to include goodie bags for the young guests that will remind them of the celebration's theme, and the fun they enjoyed at the birthday event. A bag of small, affordable treats in the guest of honor's favorite colors, or trinkets that are a tribute to your child's favorite things, can serve as favors that each child will appreciate.

"Favorite Color" Gift Bag

Comprise gift bags with seven small items in your son's favorite color to help him and his guests celebrate his birthday. For instance, fill the yellow gift bags with a plastic watch, two or three sugar cookies with yellow icing, and a small picture of your son in a yellow plastic frame, along with additional treats like lemon-flavored candy or dried banana slices. Use a stencil to cut out the image of your son's initials to staple onto the bag, and hand the bag of treats out to guests as they are departing.

Beach-Themed Gift Bag

If your daughter has chosen a beach or summer theme for her seventh birthday party, present the party-goers with a similarly themed gift bag as they leave the event. Include a mini beach towel embroidered or decorated with the number 7, along with a plastic visor, small sunglasses, and flip flops in vibrant colors in the bag. Or, choose mini beach balls and take them to the print shop to have your daughter's name and "Happy 7th B-Day" printed on them. You can also add an edible treat for the kids to enjoy, like seven seashell-shaped cookies.

Art-Themed Gift Bag

Send all the guests at your child's art-themed seventh birthday celebration home with small art supplies. Fill the bags with seven items: two small jars of Play-Doh, a set of mini watercolors, a paint brush, a small paint-by-numbers book, a mini coloring book and a set of crayons. Include a small card in each bag thanking each guest for attending the party, and have your child sign or paint his name on each card.

"Beautiful Princess" Gift Bag

Make all the little girls at your daughter's seventh birthday event feel like princesses with a seven-item treat bag that includes two mini bottles of sparkly nail polish, two flavors of lip gloss, a small mirror trimmed with a backing the same color as the party decor, a plastic tiara, and a mini fruit-scented body spray. Help the birthday girl write thank-you notes on pink or purple card stock, and place these in the bags along with the treats.