How to Put Baseball Cards on Bicycle Spokes

by Christopher John

Although it may not be done as often today as it was in the past, putting baseball trading cards on the spokes of bicycle wheels is a cheap way to give your bike a cool, motorcycle-like sound. It is also a very simple way to destroy the value of trading cards that may be worth a pretty penny in better condition. Use cards of baseball's lesser-known players, just to be safe.

Items you will need

  • Spring-loaded wooden clothespins
  • Baseball cards
  • Bicycle
Step 1

Position a baseball card on the rear section of the triangular-shaped frame of the bicycle, underneath the seat.

Step 2

Open a spring-loaded wooden clothespin and clamp the card to the frame using the clothespin. Make sure part of the card sticks out into the spokes on the bike's rear wheel. Attach additional cards in the same manner along the frame in spots where the frame is thin enough for the clothespins to fit around it.

Step 3

Attach other cards to the bicycle's front fork, which is the downward-sloping part of the frame that connects to the front wheel, if it is not too thick for the clothespins to fit around it. Attach the cards using the spring-loaded wooden clothespins, making sure that part of each card connects with the bicycle spokes. Turn the wheels so the spokes strike the cards as the wheels turn.

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