What to Put in Baby Shower Favor Boxes

by Barbie Carpenter
Wrap your baby shower favors in colorful favor boxes.

Wrap your baby shower favors in colorful favor boxes.

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Your baby shower guests will celebrate the mom-to-be and shower her with generous gifts for her and her bundle of joy. Thank them for celebrating by sending them home with a thoughtful baby shower favor. Packaged in an attractive favor box, these gifts can add to the aesthetic appeal of your shower while showing your appreciation for the guests. A number of items are appropriate for baby shower favor boxes.

Edible Goodies

You can't go wrong with edible favors. Your baby shower guests might be on a sugar high after enjoying some cake, but they'll be happy to take home a sweet treat as well. Fill your favor boxes with candies that match your baby shower color scheme, such as pink jelly beans for a girl or blue jelly beans for a boy. Or, send guests home with your favorite fudge or a frosted sugar cookie featuring the words "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"

Personalized Items

Help your baby shower guests remember the event for years to come by including personalized items in the favor boxes. Use your online shopping smarts to hunt down the perfect personalized item. You can find tinned tea lights with a label for the mother's name and the shower date, or individual tea bags with a similar label. You can also make your own personalized items at home. Print labels to add to nearly any item you can imagine, such as a votive candle holder or miniature bottles of bath gel or body lotion.

Baby-Related Items

Stick with the baby theme and choose favors that celebrate the mother's impending arrival. Select miniature frames and include a picture of the parents-to-be or an ultrasound picture of the little one. Guests can keep the picture in the frame to remember the occasion or replace it with their own. A rattle with the baby's monogram on it is another baby-related item to include in the favor box. If you expect a lot of mothers at the shower, they can share these gifts with their own babies.

Non-Baby Items

If your shower guest list is diverse, with women of many ages, some of whom are not mothers, a non-baby item might be best for your favor box. You want to give your guests something they will use and enjoy. Think about items any woman would love. A scented candle, packet of bath powder, small package of flavored coffee, or tin of mints fits well in a favor box and will please guests of all ages.

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