Puppy Theme Birthday Invitation Wording

by Chelsea Baldwin
Write your birthday invitations to match your party's puppy theme.

Write your birthday invitations to match your party's puppy theme.

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A dog maybe man's best friend, but some children also love their four-legged pets. If you're looking for ideas for your child's next birthday party, or your child already knows he wants to host a puppy-themed party, you can create invitations with kid-pleasing, puppy-themed phrases.

Invitation Sentence

Inside the invitation, write a puppy-themed inviting sentence so the guests will know what the party is about from the beginning. You could write about having a "dog-gone good time" or having a "paw-ty" to celebrate a birthday or a "tail-wagging time." For example, you could write: "You're invited to come have a tail-wagging time at Lucy's birthday paw-ty!"

Dog Years

Use dog years -- 7 years per one human year -- when calculating your child's age for the birthday invitations. For example, if your child is celebrating her sixth birthday, you can invite her friends to her 42nd birthday party. Just make sure you clarify that it's in dog years.

Location Wording

Instead of just writing the standard invitation information -- time, date, location, RSVP -- find a creative puppy-themed way to turn the phrase. For example, instead of "location," you can write dog park, pound or kennel.


List some dog and puppy-themed activities that you will do at the party on the invitations to get the guests excited. For example, tell guests that they'll be playing games like "pin the tail on the puppy" or that they'll be having puppy chow while making their own dog tags and collars.

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