Puppy Party Themes

by Abby Slutsky

Children and adults are often puppy lovers. No matter your age or gender, hosting a party with a puppy theme can be the perfect way to make the party more exciting. Using a puppy party theme is easy and inexpensive, because you can find pictures of puppies or use children's stuffed puppies as decorations. Additionally, puppy-themed cookies or desserts are easy to purchase or make.

Educational Puppy Parties

Even if you do not have your own puppy, you can still host a party with real puppies that children who are about 9 or 10 years old, and can understand the responsibilities of having a pet, will enjoy. For example, Puppy Paradise (puppyparadise.com) will bring real puppies to your home and teach children about puppy care. You can also coordinate a similar party with a local dog trainer. Choose party invitations with pictures of real puppies on them and create guest tags with a sticker of a different puppy breed on each one. Instead of cake, serve guests bone-shaped cookies.

Adult Altruistic Party

An altruistic puppy party can be ideal for a person graduating from veterinary school. In lieu of a graduation gift, encourage guests to donate money to a nonprofit organization that helps puppies. For example, A Second Chance Puppies & Kittens Rescue, Inc. (secondchancerescue.org) raises funds to help homeless puppies. Instead of flowers, create a basket of dog food and toys that can be donated to a humane society when the party is over. Use a dog bowl instead of a dish for candy. Decorate the room with some posters or pictures of local homeless dogs seeking owners.

Stuffed Puppy Party

This party is just right for preschoolers or first graders. Make puppy invitations by taking a photo of your child's favorite stuffed puppy, copying it and mounting it on index cards. On the back, write the details of the party. Invite guests to bring their favorite stuffed puppies. Decorate the room with puppy photographs. Set up stations with puppy games and activities. Arrange a few brushes on a table so guests can groom their stuffed puppies. Make bone-shaped cookies and let children decorate them. Create bingo cards with stickers of different breeds. Give small prizes to the winners.

Puppy Movie Party

The movie rating will determine the appropriate age for this party. If it is easy to find invitations that are themed to the movie you select, buy them. If not, create an invitation using a puppy picture of the breed featured in the movie. Some movie suggestions: a brown-and-white mutt for "Oliver & Company"; a golden Lab for "Marley & Me"; or a Dalmatian for "101 Dalmatians." Serve popcorn in plastic dog bowls. After the movie, let children enjoy cupcakes iced with puppy faces.

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