How to Publish Your Own Skateboard Design

by Matt Gerrard
Custom decks have screen-printed designs on them.

Custom decks have screen-printed designs on them.

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Custom products were usually high-price bespoke items due to the setup costs of creating a single prototype unit suitable for mass duplication. With the advent of computer-aided design, and the global distribution potential of the internet, the financial impact has decreased. You'll now find one-off custom products so simple to produce that users can send in a design to print onto shirts, mugs, even blank skateboard decks. A number of websites, such as Express Design or Boardpusher, will print your design onto a deck but they specialize in single boards. allows you to create an online store.

Step 1

Visit one of the sites that produce custom skateboards. Boardpusher and Express Design specialize in creating one-off customs for you. Zazzle, geared more toward setting up your own online shop, allows you to sell your designs to the general public.

Step 2

Navigate to the appropriate Zazzle homepage, if you're in the U.S., or in Britain. Click "Skateboards" in the "More" section of products. Click the "Create Skateboard" button. You'll first receive a prompt to select a board size and style. Select your chosen size and the designer will launch.

Step 3

Familiarize yourself with the designer controls. Upload a pre-made design from your hard drive by clicking the "Add Images" button, or you use the designer's own text tool by clicking on the "Add Text" button. Resize and reposition the elements by clicking on the preview image.

Step 4

Save your design once you've finished. Zazzle will present you with some options regarding publishing your design to your shop. Check the box under the board and click "Publish." If you haven't already set up a store, you'll be asked to choose a URL and provide some personal information. Once you set up your store, you'll will have the capability of selling your designs to the public.

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