Public Swimming in Guelph, ON

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Enjoy one of four pools for public swim sessions in Guelph, Ontario.

Enjoy one of four pools for public swim sessions in Guelph, Ontario.

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A number of facilities host public swimming in Guelph, Ontario. Residents swim at community recreational centers, the local lake or Guelph University. Located 62 miles outside of Toronto, Guelph was listed as one of the top places to live in Canada. Enjoy beautiful architecture and lush green spaces while in the city.

Centennial Pool

Take a dive in the Centennial Pool at 289 College Ave. W. (519-837-5620) located near the Centennial Park Arena. Enjoy 90-minute public swim sessions offered one evening per week. Relax in water kept at a comfortable 82 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit or perfect your form on the pool's diving board. The facility hosts a number of private functions during the year.

Victor Davis Pool

The Victor Davis Pool at Victoria Road Recreation Centre at 151 Victoria Rd N. (519-837-5621) offers two days of public swim time. As of 2011, a total of three 90-minute sessions are held from Saturday to Sunday. Unwind with a session in the sauna or unleash your inner athlete with a leap off the diving board. Pool water is kept at a constant 82 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aquatic Centre at West End Community Centre

The aquatic centre inside the West End Community Centre at 21 Imperial Rd. S. (519-837-5657) houses three pools. The 22,516-square-foot lap pool is equipped with a slide. Water in the 516-square-foot therapeutic pool remains between 90 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Enter water safely with assistance from multiple staircases located throughout the pool area. A second water slide is placed at the largest pool, which measures 1,835.3 square feet. As of 2011, five public swim sessions are held from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

University of Guelph

Enjoy public swim sessions at the University of Guelph ( if you are the guest of a student or university employee. Two pools remain open all year with water temperatures of about 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Pull buoys and kick boards are available for swimmer assistance. During the week, one-hour swim sessions are held once each in the morning and afternoon. Three weekend sessions last one to two hours in length.

Guelph Lake Conservation Area

The Guelph Lake Conservation Area ( evolved from a portion of the Speed River. Campsites, two beaches and hiking trails are among the many amenities offered at the lake. Swim in a body of water large enough to accommodate windsurfers, sailors and fishermen. As of 2011, lifeguards and beach patrols are not in the area so parents are encouraged to watch children closely. Inquire at the gatehouse about lifejackets. Purchase daily or seasonal passes for admission.

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