How to Get a PS3 to Work on a TV Without HD

by K.C. Moore

The PlayStation 3 home game console features sharp visuals and built-in Blu-Ray technology designed for the best possible display on high definition televisions. Fortunately for owners of standard definition TVs, the PlayStation 3 does not require high definition to display properly. Although the picture quality will not be as sharp as on a high definition TV, you can still enjoy playing games and watching DVDs with any standard definition television that has an AV input.

Step 1

Connect the supplied AV cable to the AV MULTI OUT connector on the back of the PlayStation 3.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the supplied AV cable to the VIDEO IN connector on your television set. The VIDEO IN connector consists of a yellow, red and white socket. Plug the corresponding wire into the same-colored socket.

Step 3

Connect the PlayStation 3 AC power cord to the back of the PlayStation 3. Plug the other end into a nearby electrical socket.

Step 4

Turn on your television set and change the channel to the input station associated with the VIDEO IN connector that is attached to your PlayStation 3. Consult your television's manual to find out which button your TV remote uses to change the input station.

Step 5

Press the power button on your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 3 controller to turn on the system.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your television does not have an AV cable input, you can also use a component AV cable or an S VIDEO cable, however you must purchase the cables separately.
  • Do not connect the AC power cord on your PlayStation 3 to a power source until you have connected the AV cable from the system to your television set to avoid accidental electrocution.
  • Blu-Ray discs cannot be played on a PlayStation 3 connected to a television by the AV cable. Blu-Ray discs require an HDMI cable, which is only compatible with high definition TVs.

About the Author

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