PS3 Customs

by Jennifer Eblin

The PlayStation 3, or PS3 as it's more commonly known, comes in one basic color: black. Unlike Microsoft, which introduced consoles based on popular games such as the Halo franchise, Sony has stuck to its glossy black color. For a piece that stands out in your living room or game room, choose a custom PS3 unit. Or, get a new look with a smaller price tag by purchasing a skin.

Custom Colors

The company PSN created a stir in 2007 when it released a white PS3 console. The bright-white color offered a unique twist on the classic black color released by Sony. PSN also released a bright-red version, a silver unit, and it expressed interest in releasing other colors. The consoles were only released in limited numbers, and once the company sold out, the only way to purchase one was on the secondary market. Each console received a custom paint job that would not peel or flake away. Each of the units sold for more than $1,000 when originally released and more than that on the secondary market.

Celebrity Choices

In 2009, Sony treated professional basketball players to a customized PS3. Sony and the NBA came together during the All-Star Weekend that year and hosted an event that was only open to certain players. The players received a custom PS3 with a laser-etched image on the top, and each player had the chance to pick their own image. NBA player Paul Pierce, for example, picked an aqua PS3 with a replica of President Barrack Obama's presidential campaign on the front.

Customized Controllers

For an expensive treat, consider buying a customized controller. At time of publication, the controllers were priced at around $50, for a basic controller decorated with a skin, up to several hundred dollars for a customized paint job. Game stores, such as Game Stop, often have a wide selection of custom controllers for sale. The controllers are decorated in patterns, such as polka dots or flames, as well as with images of popular games.

PS3 Skins

If you like the look of a custom console but cannot afford the hefty price tag, then opt for a PS3 skin. The skins are made from a lightweight vinyl material that won't cause overheating or damage to the console. The back of the skin has a tacky surface that sticks firmly to your console. Pick one in a color or pattern you like, peel it off the backing and stick it right on the system.

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