"Protege" Movie Plot

by Lee Johnson Google

"Protégé" (originally known as "Moon To") is a crime drama film made in Hong Kong in 2007. The film deals with the drug trade in Asia, and focuses on the story of Nick, an undercover police officer who has been slowly working his way up the ranks of a drug syndicate.


The film follows Nick, a special agent who has spent the last eight years attempting to infiltrate and gain information about the drug industry. He has been working within Kwan's gang for a long time, and has gained the trust of many of the gang's members, including Kwan himself. He has amassed enough evidence to convict Kwan, but has been instructed to wait to see if he can expose Kwan's superior and thereby bring down the entire syndicate.


As Nick gains the trust of the aging Kwan, he starts to become something of a protégé to the elderly man, who is suffering from diabetes and is in desperate need of a new kidney. Nick is chosen by the old man, and gains a deeper insight into the mechanics of the drug business, including some of Kwan's trade secrets. Kwan is primarily a businessman, and runs his drug syndicate as such, with little thought or concern for the effects of the trade on the end users.


When Nick goes home at the end of each day, into a one bedroom flat, he becomes entangled in the life of his next door neighbor, Jane. Jane is a heroin addict with a young daughter, and Nick ends up trying to help his neighbors live their life and get back on their feet. It is through Jane that Nick begins to see the negative impacts the heroin trade has on the end user, and he becomes emotionally connected to her. Her drugged-up husband returns, however, casting doubt on the fate of the blooming relationship.


Although Nick is initially firmly set in his role of undercover police officer, as he enters the crime syndicate's inner circle he becomes tempted by the allure of easy money and a lavish lifestyle. Nick's time undercover has left his true personality in danger of being engulfed by the new larger-than-life persona he has created over the last eight years. Nick's priorities are called into doubt, and as the situation nears the end-game, he must make his choice.

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