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Art Project with Rainsticks

Rainsticks are musical instruments traditionally used by certain South American and U.S. Native American cultures to summon rain spirits. The sticks are made from long hollow tubes filled with small objects and sealed at the ends. When turned, they make a sound like falling water. Using PVC pipe or empty paper towel tubes, children can make their own rainsticks.

Battle Scene Project for Kids

Whether you have a child who loves play soldiers, history or has a school assignment to finish, completing a battle scene project together will create a memory that you both can cherish for years to come. With the right materials and time, you and your child can make a battle scene that will wow everyone who sees it.

Birthday Projects for Kids to Make for Dad

Dads often prefer homemade birthday presents to store-bought items. Homemade gifts are meaningful and help preserve memories of your kids' childhoods. Encourage your kids to create a birthday project for their dad. Try to find an item that is practical and decorative. Avoid cliched projects like macaroni art that kids will likely be creating in school.

How Can I Make a Homemade Costume of the Tin Man?

Create your own version of the Tin Man from "The Wizard of Oz" as part of a group of family or friends going as the classic film cast for Halloween or simply as an individual costume. Ask friends and family for any silver-colored clothing you can borrow before purchasing such clothing new, or browse consignment shops for inexpensive costume options. Also try reusing items to create your costume, such as clean gasoline funnels and cardboard boxes.

Children's Chinese Lanterns Crafts Art Project

Chinese New Year or lunar new year is an important holiday usually celebrated in early February. During the two weeks of festivities, people wear red, give children "lucky money" and have parades with long, elaborate dragon floats. The lantern festival is also an important symbol of the new year. Many people design their own glowing lanterns to hang in temples or carry during parades.

Clay Pinch Pot Projects for Kids

Clay pinch pots are perfect art projects for kids. Making pinch pots teaches children about how clay feels and how easy it is to manipulate it and turn it into a work of art. Pinch pots start out as a simple ball of clay with a hole poked through the top center of the ball by your thumb. The clay is then pinched by forming your hand into a "claw" with the thumb on the inside in the hole and the other fingers working together on the outside to press the clay together and pull it up to form the sides of the pot.

Collage Project for Kids

A collage is a visual art form that combines several small elements to make something larger. In a collage, groups of items are combined to form multicolored arrangements of abstract or recognizable shapes. The freestyle format of collages make it an ideal introduction to art and composition for kids and is relatively easy for all stages of learners to complete with pleasing results.

Craft With Apples

The apple has lent its image to countless craft projects as well as becoming the recognized icon for teachers. Many crafters use the apple itself, not just its likeness, when creating craft projects.

Craft Project: Bat & Moon Mobile

Decorating for Halloween means black cats, pumpkins, bats, witches' hats and moons strewn about your house in profusion. One way to display the motifs of the season in your home is by attaching them to a mobile, which not only gets them off flat surfaces where they might create clutter but brings a little bit of movement into the room. If you have children at home, a bat-and-moon-themed mobile is a craft project they can help with or make themselves, under proper supervision.

A Craft Project With a Hot Glue Stick and Glitter

When kids are stuck inside on a rainy or extremely hot day, they can get easily bored. But before you sit them down in front of the television or computer, look through your craft supplies to see if you have the materials to make crafts. Even if your supplies are running low, with a hot glue gun, candles and some glitter you can help your kids make a simple, beautiful and fun craft.

Craft Projects With Tennis Ball Cans

You can find numerous uses for empty tennis ball cans, and recycling them for other purposes is not only environmentally friendly but can also be an inexpensive and fun craft project. Try to find the transparent cans that have replaceable, snap-on lids, since these are of more use than those cans with ring-pull seals that cannot be reused. If you have a tennis club nearby, ask about receiving used cans. The fun is all in the decorating of the cans, which can be color coordinated to match a room or decorated with a kid's favorite theme.

How to Design Your Own Medieval Crest

A medieval crest, sometimes known as a coat of arms, was used to show the heritage of a family. Many of the symbols on the crest showed characteristics of the family, and qualities to which they aspired. The crests can also be representative of their ancestors or their homeland. The colors, animals and letters on the crest are all symbolic of those qualities, people or places. A good crest will take all of these things into consideration.

Different Things to Make & Have at a Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower is your chance to show your favorite mother-to-be how much you love and appreciate her, and making decorations and favors is one easy way to show her how much you care. If you're not throwing the shower in your own home, visit the shower location before planning any decorations. Take note of the room's color scheme so you can choose decor that won't clash.

Directions for Making Japanese Decorative Knots

Decorative knots are a staple in Japanese gardens to secure bamboo fencing, joining together crisscross bamboo poles. Nails are used sparingly, because the traditional black hemp and palm fiber rope are considered functional and aesthetically pleasing, according to the book "Serene Gardens" by Yoko Kawaguchi. Some knot knowledge is necessary when recreating the Japanese aesthetic in a Western backyard or garden. But, with a bit of natural fiber rope and some tying techniques, creating Japanese knots can be fun and easy.

DIY German Nutcracker

The German nutcracker has been a Christmas tradition for over 300 years. These wooden soldiers are functional, but also decorative, and offer a great opportunity to get creative when making your own. Creating a wooden nutcracker from scratch takes some experience and skill in woodworking, but anyone willing to learn and practice can make one of these magical dolls to display at Christmastime.

DIY Homemade Guitar Wall Hangers

Many musicians own multiple guitars and do not have a specific location to showcase and display them. A guitar wall hanger is a great way to save on space and storage, as well as display the various guitars you own. You can usually mount the wall hangers to the desired wall location and hang the guitars on hooks specifically designed for the instrument. However, wall hangers found at local music stores may lack in design or be costly. Thankfully, you can create your own wall hanger for your precious instruments with materials commonly found at your local hardware store for a low cost.

Easy Ways to Make a Frankenstein Costume

With his creepy dead skin, lifeless stiff walk and electrifying neck bolts, Frankenstein is a popular costume choice for those who want a costume that looks spooky instead of silly. You do not need to be a mad scientist to give life to a Frankenstein costume -- you just need the right aesthetics to bring out the monster inside.

Fun Projects for a Kid's Birthday

Projects for kids birthdays are not only fun, but they also save time because the kids do some of the work themselves. They can help create decorations for the party, which leads to a much more personalized atmosphere. Choose one craft activity for a birthday party, and make it fit the theme, then give plenty of time for more active games so the kids can burn off some energy.

Funny Things to Make in Super Scribblenauts

"Super Scribblenauts" is an action-puzzle game for the Nintendo DS in which a large vocabulary is your greatest weapon. Players type in different combinations of nouns and adjectives to summon anything from a tiny golden elephant to a colossal fire-breathing kitten. Part of the fun in playing "Super Scribblenauts" is coming up with different humorous objects and hilarious word combinations.