Private Party Venues in Los Angeles

by David Ferris, Demand Media

    You may feel that public parties are for peasants. After all, who wants strangers milling about your event when you can shut yourselves off from the outside world and enjoy your own private brand of fun? In Los Angeles, a city that's all too familiar with exclusivity, you can choose from a number of venues for your next private party.

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    Los Angeles Convention Center

    If you have a large budget, the LA Convention Center can address your party needs. It has more than 720,000 square feet of exhibition space. Many events at the Convention Center are public; indeed, it's well-suited to handling massive public gatherings, such as political party conventions. But its facilities can also be rented privately. On-site catering services can provide food and drinks, while audio-visual resources can offer lights, music and other features.

    Fiesta Mexicana Banquet Hall

    The Fiesta Mexicana Banquet Hall (or "Mexican Party Banquet Hall," in Spanish) caters to the local Mexican-American community, but you don't have to be of Mexican descent to rent the facilities. Located on West Florence Avenue, the Banquet Hall offers on-site food service and can provide linen and tableware or give you the option of bringing your own.

    The Bungalow Club

    The Bungalow Club is geared toward weddings, anniversaries and other romantic events. It has three bars, a well-appointed dining room, a Moroccan-themed second floor lounge, buffet or table service and several jacuzzis to use as you see fit. The space can accommodate up to 450 guests. There's also an outdoor patio. Separate bride and groom dressing areas are of particular use to wedding parties.

    Lobo Castle

    Lobo Castle is marketed as "a bit of Europe" in Los Angeles. It's patterned after 17th century castles in Scotland and Italy and, like real castles that served a purpose, it's perched high above, suitable for looking down on those who can't afford to hire out hoity-toity faux-European event spaces. The grounds include landscaped gardens and a picturesque fountain.

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