Printable Child Birthday Party Games

by Melissa Gagnon

Choose some games to play to keep the children entertained when planning a child's birthday party. It is best to plan more games than you think you will use, so there will be plenty of things to do during the party. Printable games found online are a useful resource for children's parties.


Word searches, mazes, crosswords and word scrambles are good games to have on hand for children's parties. These games can be given to children to complete while waiting for the food or cake to be served, or at the end of the party when things are winding down and you need to keep kids busy as you clean. Print out puzzles from child-oriented websites such as Disney Family Fun ( to have on hand for transitional periods during the party when you want to keep kids sitting down.


Bingo is a classic party game that can be enjoyed by school-age children. Find printable bingo cards online at sites such as Party Game Ideas ( and generate enough for the number of guests you're planning. Cards can be customized to fit the theme of your party with colors and graphics of your choice. Spots can be filled in with birthday words such as "cake," "balloons," "confetti" and "candles," or you can choose your own custom words.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts work well for outdoor parties with active children. Save time by printing out clues online at a site like Treasure Adventure ( The clues can be written to incorporate the theme of your party or can reference popular children's stories and rhymes. The clues can be easy, medium or hard, depending on the age of your kids. Free scavenger hunt and treasure hunt printables can also be found online at the "Parents" magazine website ( The clues provided leave a blank for you to write in locations such as "tree" or "Daddy's favorite seat." Pre-made lists of common items are available at this site for your scavenger hunt, or you can customize your own using ideas from "Parents" scavenger hunt ideas lists.

Birthday Store

This party game is entertaining and educational for school-age children. Print out birthday dollars from a site like Moms Break Free Printables ( Set up a table of candies, small favors or other trinkets. Put a price tag on each item. Throughout the party, give out birthday dollars as prizes for other games and activities. At the end of the party, let each child choose how to spend his birthday dollars. You may want to enlist the help of another adult to help tally the spending and count the money.

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