Princess Punk Rock Party Ideas

by Krystal Miller

If your little girl dreams of being a princess and a rock star, combine the two themes to create a memorable punk princess birthday party. From tiaras to guitars, put a rock star spin on your classic princess party with entertaining ideas. With a few party ideas and some supplies, you have everything you need to create the punk princess party of your daughter's dreams.


For a basic invitation, print pictures of pink girly skulls that have a hair bow or tiara. Write the party details on the back of the picture and mail to the party guests. Punk princess skull invitations are available pre-made online and at some party supply stores. You can also inflate a pink or purple toy guitar and write the party details on the guitar. Deflate the guitar and mail to the guests in padded envelopes. The guests will have to inflate the guitar to read the punk princess party details.

Decorations & Favors

Hang pictures of punk princess skulls (pink or purple) all around the party area. Punk princess decorations, balloons, streamers and tableware are available at most party supply stores. Some theme ideas include a pink punk princess with tiara or red/black punk princess with a bow. You can also hang pictures of the birthday girl in her own punk princess costume. Enlarge the pictures and hang around the party area. Some punk princess-themed party favors include bottle cap necklaces, bracelets, coin purses, wristbands, temporary glitter tattoos, dog tag necklaces and stickers. Other favors you can find at your local dollar store include toy microphones, inflatable musical instruments and star-shaped sunglasses.


Ask an adult or older teen to give each party guest a punk princess makeover. Ideas for giving a punk princess makeover include colored hairspray, tiaras, large hair bows, glitter makeup, face paint, glitter hair spray, colored hair extensions and sparkly hats. Place a long mirror on a table standing up so the girls can look at their new punk princess makeovers.


Make a tossing game by drawing pictures of a pink and purple guitar on poster board. Tape the poster board to a cardboard box and lean up against a wall or tree. Cut holes in the guitars and tell the girls to try to toss ping-pong balls through the holes. Award a small prize to each girl who makes a ball in one of the holes. For another game, have the girls sit in a circle and hand one girl a punk princess pillow or doll. Play music and have them pass the doll or pillow around the circle. When the music stops, the girl holding the doll or pillow is out of the game. The last girl remaining in the game wins the doll or pillow to take home as a memento of the party.

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