Prince Party Themes

by Kristen Marquette
Invite kids to wear medieval costumes to the party.

Invite kids to wear medieval costumes to the party.

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Appropriate and fun for a little boy's birthday party, a prince-themed party allows you to bring to life all the things little boys love about medieval times---castles, treasure, knights, swords and dragons. Center the party around one of these medieval ideas or include all of them in the party invitations, decorations, games and food.


Instead of buying generic party invitations, design your own using card stock. Construct a crown out tin foil, glue it to the front of the invitation. Design your very own coat of arms for the front of the invitation. Or decorate the invitation with castle or dragon cut out of construction paper. Don't forget to give the invitation royal-worthy embellishments using glitter, rhinestones, plastic gems and ribbon. Include the why, when, where and any other pertinent details inside the invitation.


Purchase plastic champagne flutes or goblets for the drinks. Give the glasses the royal treatment by gluing rhinestones or plastic gemstones to them. Hang bunting garlands, banners, streamers and flags in royal colors such as purple, blue, red or gray. Make a dragon pinata out of paper mache, and fill it with chocolate coins. Construct a castle entrance out of a large cardboard box. Use small treasure chests full of gold coins, pearls and gems as centerpieces; let the party guests take home a few of these items at the end of the party.

Party Food

To conform favorite kid foods to the prince theme, rename and reshape the food. Tell guests that the hot dogs and hamburgers are made out of dragon meat, making them dragon dogs and dragon burgers. Turn regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into royal sandwiches by cutting them into crown shapes. Mix fruit juice with sparkling water so the kids can pretend they are drinking special bubbly water. Make a green colored punch using lime soda or food coloring, and call it Dragon's Breath. Bake crown-shaped cookies. Purchase and make a cake that looks like a castle. Serve all foods on silver platters to give the food presentation that royal flair.


Arrange a royal treasure hunt by hiding a treasure chest filled with candy, small towns, gold and jewels and giving the kids maps or clue to its location. The first one to find it wins the chest. Transform a game of Duck Duck Goose into a game of Prince Prince King. Entertain kids by letting them make crafts such as crowns out of poster board or shields and swords out of cardboard.

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