Prince Baby Shower Ideas

by Jamie Farber
A shower for a baby boy can have a prince theme.

A shower for a baby boy can have a prince theme.

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Baby showers traditionally fall into one of three categories -- girl, boy or gender neutral. When the mom-to-be is pregnant with a little boy, the shower usually focuses on blue and might not have any real theme. A great idea for a boy shower, however, is to give the event a prince theme. The ideas can be integrated into the event easily and will hold the shower together.


The invitation should set the tone and make the prince theme immediately clear to guests. suggests the following wording: "One day soon, (mom's name) little prince will come. Help us celebrate at a shower filled with fun!" You can add pictures of a blue, cartoon crown, a royal scepter and throne or a simple blue onesie with the word "prince" in the center of the invitation. You can even carry the theme into location information, calling the home where the shower is being held "the (hostess's last name) castle."


The room where the shower is held should be turned into a royal chamber for the event. Attempt to find a throne for the mom-to-be from a local theater or costume rental company. You can also turn a regular chair into a throne with craft supplies and a hot glue gun. Several different websites, including Celebrate Express, have prince-themed decorations available for purchase, including banners, paper products, table centerpieces and tablecloths. Another great decoration for a prince-themed shower is a diaper castle. These are either available for purchase from websites, including Diaper Cake Walk, or you can put together your own. The diaper castle is a great centerpiece for the main table or the cake table.


The drinks for your shower should reflect your prince theme. Beverages can be served in royal goblets, which are usually available for purchase at party stores. If you cannot find them, make your own by adding rhinestones to clear plastic cups. Serve blue drinks by adding a small amount of blue food coloring to lemonade or other beverages. You can also make royal ice cubes by dying the water yellow or gold before freezing. If you are serving alcohol, create a signature drink and give it a princely name like royal martini or crown prince champagne cocktail.


The prince theme can carry over to the food you serve as well. The easiest way to keep the royal theme going is to have a large crown cake. You can either order the cake from a bakery or create it yourself, carving a crown out of a rectangular cake pan. Other food that will evoke images of royalty, according to the Good Food Channel, include finger sandwiches, mini quiches, soup in shot glasses and a cheese and fruit tray with soft cheese like brie and water crackers.


The prince theme should carry over to the shower's favors as well. You can purchase or create crowns for each guest to take home as favors. If you have a particularly crafty group, you could even have each person decorate her own crown as a game. You would need to supply the basic crown, glue, rhinestones, glitter, feathers and other fun items for decorations. Each guest could also receive a cookie shaped like a crown at the end of the event, wrapped in a plastic bag with a blue bow.


The games at your shower should have a prince theme. One of the easiest games would be a prince quiz. Create a sheet with questions about real and fictional princes and have multiple choice answers. Have each guest work individually on the quiz and then go over the answers. The person with the most correct wins. You can also give traditional baby shower games new royal names. You prizes should be royal-themed as well. Hit the dress-up aisle of a toy store or the party store to find items fit for royalty.

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