"Price Is Right" Party Ideas

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"The Price is Right" is made up of a variety of games.

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"The Price is Right," is a truly American television game show. It mixes exciting players, beautiful women and fabulous prizes into 60 minutes of nonstop action. It is great for people with a short attention span, because it offers a host of mini games. This facet makes this show a natural theme for a party. Your primary problem is deciding which of the many games to include.

Children to Preteens

The variety of games from "The Price is Right" allows you to tailor specific games to children's tastes. You could play "Hole in One (...or Two)" by setting up a putting green. Align flags in a row starting close to the pin and going back from it. Starting next to the furthest flag, ask Disney or Nickelodeon trivia questions to move forward flag-by-flag for a closer put. Play "Race Game" where a timed contestant is required to run quickly to put the four correct prices on four items, then run back and pull a lever to see how many they got right. They continue until either they get all the items priced correctly or time runs out. Replace pricing with cartoon matching. For example, place a picture of SpongeBob one one side that must be matched to a picture of a Patrick. Create categories such as "Best Friends" or "Theme Songs" and let the child choose.


Teens may prefer a challenging "Price is Right" game. "Plinko" is a game in which the contestant drops a saucer-sized chip down a wide, sloped board with rows of pins in it coming to rest at the bottom in slots with prizes marked. You can make a basic Plinko display by nailing 4-inch nails in alternating rows on a 4-by-8 foot sheet of plywood painted in 1970's themes. Build a couple braces to stand it up with 2-by-4s and use a small Frisbee or a can lid as a Plinko chip. You could either put prizes at the bottom or some form of punishment such as a pie in the face. Allow for as many chip ending spots as you can to increase the number of outcomes.

Baby Shower

"The Price is Right" can fit into a baby shower theme as well. In the "Hi-Lo Game" you price items from low to high with a goal of getting them in correct order to win the grand prize. In your baby shower, do the same with baby care items for a grand prize of, say, a large package of diapers. The "Shell Game" has the host alternating three shells with a ball under one of them. After moving them around and back and forth, the contestant guesses which shell has the ball under it. Play the "Shell Game" in your party with a pacifier under the winning shell. "Safe Crackers" is played by turning three dials on a safe with three possible numbers on each to try to figure out the "combination" that matches the price of an item the host demonstrates. You could make dials with poster board on cardboard and have the expectant mother try to dial up the price of baby items.

Other Considerations

The Nintendo Wii video game console offers "The Price is Right" as a game that could be played in a party of any age group. It uses motion sensitive controls that allow you to play a large variety of the show's games. You will want to have a lot of prizes and party favors available, especially die cast cars and boats and cash. Use 1970's colors such as awkward red and orange combinations and large flowers for decorations.

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