Pretty in Pink Birthday Party Ideas

by Christi Aldridge
Make pink the focus of a girly party.

Make pink the focus of a girly party.

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Use the John Hughes teen film as inspiration for a sweet-hued pink party. A "Pretty in Pink" birthday is perfect for a girl of any age. From invitations to decorations to presents, the pink theme can be carried out throughout the entire party for a pink blast for all the guests. Don't forget to specify on the invitation that guests dress in pink and bring a pink gift.


Decorating is a cinch for a pink party. Streamers, balloons, banners, signs and even light bulbs can turn pink for your party. Wrap pink tulle around chandeliers and set the table with a pink tablecloth, pink plates, and pink plastic forks and spoons. Lay a pink feather boa along the center of the table as a table runner. Use a long length of pink butcher paper to create a "pink carpet" for guests to walk across as they enter the party. If you want to use an accent color, consider black. Add pink and black zebra patterns to your decor to make it even wilder.


Think pink when it comes to food and drinks. For adults, serve pink cocktails such as cosmopolitan martinis or cranberry juice with vodka. For younger guests, serve pink lemonade. Serve pink petit fours, strawberries, pink cotton candy, shrimp, candy and pink iced donuts or cookies. If you're having dinner instead of just snacks, consider salmon or pasta with pink cream sauce. For kids, serve some colored Goldfish crackers or pink iced animal cookies.


Set the mood immediately with pink music choices. Spin the soundtrack from "Pretty in Pink," some music by the artist named Pink, or make a play list with songs that have the word "pink" in them, such as "Pink Houses," by John Mellencamp, "Pink Cadillac" by Bruce Springsteen or "Pink" by Aerosmith. Put on chick flicks to watch, and give everyone pink tiaras to wear while they dance to music and watch movies. Take turns giving each other pink manicures and pedicures, play "Name that Tune" with pink music, or have a dance contest. Give a prize to the guest who is wearing the most pink.

Party Favors

Fix pink goody bags for guests of any age to take home. Slip a mini pink nail polish, pink wrapped chocolates, a pink feather pen, and pink sticky notes into a pink cellophane bag. Tie the bag with a pink curly ribbon. Other options for older guests are a pink coffee mug or martini glass filled with pink candies, a pink trinket such as a bangle bracelet or ring, or a pink scented candle in a pink glass holder.

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