Preteen Tea Party Game Ideas

by Krystal Miller
Create entertaining games for your preteen's tea party.

Create entertaining games for your preteen's tea party.

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Many preteens -- children ages 9 to 12 -- enjoy having tea parties. Whether it is a tea party for a birthday or just a social gathering with friends, plan games for the guests to play. Games help introduce the guests to one another and give the children a chance to earn prizes to take home as mementoes of the party. Prize examples include miniature tea sets and gift cards to a local retail store.

Decorating Contests

Have the guests sit around a table and give each a solid-colored (preferably white) ceramic teapot. Teapots are available at most craft stores. Each guest can use acrylic paints, paintbrushes and glitter pens to decorate her own teapot. For another idea, have guests decorate small saucer plates. Award a prize for the best, most creative and classiest teapot.

Relay Games

Divide the players into two teams. Mark a starting line and a run-to line. Place a table at the run-to line and a box of table-setting supplies for each team at the starting line. Supplies can include a teacup, saucer, plate, silverware, sugar bowl and teapot. When you say "Race," the first player from each team line must grab one item from the supply box and race to the table. He must place it on the table and race back to tag the next player. Each player must place one item on the table until all the items are gone. The first team to finish wins the race. If you have enough supplies, play this game in pairs instead of teams.

Tossing Games

Draw a picture of a teapot on a large poster board and tape it to the bottom of a cardboard box. Cut a hole out of the mouth of the teapot and lean the box against a wall. Mark a line 6 feet from the box and have the guests try to toss tea bags into the mouth of the teapot. The player who makes the most tea bags land in the pot wins the game. For a variation, place real teapots on the ground and have the players try to toss tea bags into the teapots. Award a prize to the player who lands the most tea bags in the teapots.

Classic Games

Create a twist on classic games by giving them a tea party theme. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, players can play "Pin the Top on the Teapot." Have the circle sit in a circle to play a game of "Hot Teacup" instead of Hot Potato. Another classic game you can give a twist to is musical chairs. Play "Musical Teacups" by placing several pictures of teacups on the ground (one fewer than you have players, of course). Play music and have the players walk around the teacups. When the music stops, each player must stand on a teacup. The player left out is out of the game. Remove a teacup and eliminate a player each round. The last player standing on a teacup wins the game.

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