Preschool Games

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    Halloween Game for Preschoolers

    The less scary aspects of Halloween provide an enjoyable time for preschoolers. When planning a Halloween party for a group of preschoolers, incorporate friendly ghosts and funny jack-o'-lanterns into the party games. Short and simple games are best, since many young children have a short attention span and become easily bored. Awarding Halloween stickers and coloring books to game winners will encourage the children to play along.

    Preschool Jungle Animal Games

    Preschool jungle animal games teach students about animals and climates in different parts of the world. Preschool jungle animal games can either be online games or games kids play as a group. Use group play for gross motor skill time and imaginative play, as well as reinforcement after sharing stories with children about the jungle and its animals.

    Indoor Flashlight Games for Preschool Kids

    Preschoolers enjoy experimenting with flashlights. A flashlight will keep a child amused for awhile as he turns it on and off and shines it on different items. For a unique activity, use flashlights for some games with a group of preschoolers. As long as no one is afraid of the dark, flip the switch, hand out the flashlights and have some indoor fun.

    Preschool Games for Learning Numbers & the Alphabet

    Preschoolers love games. When games combine preschoolers' love of fun with important preschool skills such as numbers and the alphabet, children build important skills. Learning numbers and the alphabet are the building blocks for mathematics and reading, so getting preschoolers to play these games will get them off to a good start.

    Hand Washing Games & Songs for Preschoolers

    Hand washing is an important defense against illness. At home or in a group setting, children need to learn when and how to wash their hands. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), encourage adults to teach children to wash after bathroom visits, before eating, when they sneeze or cough, and whenever the hands are dirty. Make hand washing a fun activity by singing songs while washing and by frequently playing games that focus on clean hands and dirty germs.

    Games for Preschool That Promote Gross Motor Development

    Your preschooler is developing at an amazingly rapid rate. Think back to just a year ago and you will see the leaps and bounds that your little one has made in every area from talking to walking. The technical term gross motor applies to the control and movements of large muscle groups necessary for activities such as running and jumping. Help to improve these skills with simple games that promote development.

    Bingo Game for Preschoolers

    The classic bingo game uses a combination of letters and numbers. Someone calls the letter/number combination, and if players have that combination on their board, they highlight or mark that square on the card. The first person to have five highlighted squares in a row wins the game. Preschoolers can play several modifications of the classic bingo game to master school concepts or just to have fun.

    Candy Counting Game for Preschoolers

    Sweet candy treats may only be an occasional special snack for your preschooler, but you can use anything from chocolate pieces to gummy bears for a fun counting game. Preschoolers can build their burgeoning math skills by counting, and even adding, a variety of colorful candy bits during games that are as simple as "1,2,3."