Pre-K Alphabet Party Ideas

by Nicole Brown
Select one letter or use the entire alphabet for a pre-K party.

Select one letter or use the entire alphabet for a pre-K party. Images

If you are a parent or teacher planning a preschool-age party, an alphabet theme is not only educational but it opens the door for a wide range of decor, food and game options to share with your preschoolers. Keep each element of the party simple -- preschoolers love a party but they aren't impressed by fancy decor and over-the-top party favors and food tables.


Use bright, vibrant colors to decorate for an alphabet-themed party. Use red, yellow and blue balloons, streamers and table decor. Cut out letters from construction paper and tie them to fishing line and hang them from the ceiling or along the walls. Stack letter blocks on your food table and cut out letters from foam, paint them, and use them any way you like -- stick a wooden dowel through the bottom and have them line the walkway to your party or use them as place markers for each of the pre-K students.


Serve alphabet-shaped pasta with butter or sauce so kids can learn about their letters while they eat. If you select one letter as the theme for your party, base the food you serve off that letter. If you choose "B" serve bananas, bologna sandwiches and blueberries. For a the letter "S," include strawberries, s'mores and soup. Bake cupcakes and decorate them with the first letter of each guest's name -- kids will love that they have their own unique cupcake and they can relate the letter to spelling their name. Bake a square-shaped cake and decorate like a letter block with letters and pictures on each side.

Games and Fun

An alphabet party wouldn't be complete without games and fun. Plan games and projects that correspond to each letter of the alphabet (preschoolers don't have a big attention span so choosing a few letters instead of the entire alphabet is probably wise). For the letter "A" make paper airplanes or have preschoolers pretend they are flying; for "C" race matchbox cars across the floor or sidewalk; for "M" play musical chairs or share different types of music with the preschoolers. Play letter bingo to help preschoolers learn to recognize their letters.


Choose one craft to include in your alphabet-themed party; any more than that and you will probably have a lot of bored preschoolers on your hands. Apply the letter "K" by making kites; make rainbows out of handprints for the letter "R"' by cutting out hand tracings in various colors and gluing them together palm-to-finger tip in an arch pattern; for the letter "P" make puppets out of paper bags -- preschoolers can pick what kind of animal or creature to make their puppet into or help them create place mats with letter cutouts and stickers.

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