Pottery Show Display Ideas

by Nora Zavalczki
Display the pottery at different heights.

Display the pottery at different heights.

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If you are preparing for a craft show, you will need to plan your display. Your display may influence the way people perceive your art. Choose to organize your display so that it represents your work and use the display as a means to communicate with your potential buyers. You can display your pottery in a conventional manner or choose a modern approach. Consider the space you have and the type of pottery you create when you plan the display. Make good use of the display space you have and organize your display both vertically and horizontally.

Wooden Shelves

Displaying your items on wooden shelves is a conservative idea; however, ceramic pieces go well with wood and shelves are a great way to make use of a small display space. Instead of buying ready-made shelving units, build the shelves yourself to fit both the size of the space you rent at the craft show and the sizes of the pieces you intend to display. Be creative in the way you build the shelves. Create small compartments for your smaller pieces. Paint the shelves in a color that fades into the background of your display, so the color of the shelves won't be distracting and the visitors can observe your pottery rather than the shelves.

Ladder-Shaped Shelves

Create a more dynamic display by creating one or several large step-ladder-shaped shelving units for your show booth. Build the ladders out of wood. Instead of the rungs of the ladder, use wooden boards as shelves to exhibit your pottery pieces on. Make sure the wooden boards are secured to the braces of the ladder, so your pottery pieces are safe.

Pottery in Categories

Sort your pieces in categories and display each category in a separate section of your booth or on a separate unit of shelving. Alternatively, mix pieces of different categories, so your display is more intriguing and features pieces of different heights on the same shelf. However, make sure that the pieces work as a whole after they have been set up. Your shelves shouldn't be cluttered.

The Attraction Point

Your booth should catch the eye of the passers-by, so place a special pottery piece in the center of your display. This piece can be a large, one-of-a-kind piece and should be the focal point of your booth. This piece will be a show-stopper and attract people to your booth, so they can continue to discover the rest of your pottery pieces.

The Counter

Place a raised counter in your booth, but make sure this doesn't get in the way of people entering your booth. The counter may feature a few small pieces and business cards and should be placed between the waist and eye level, so people can see the pieces without having to bend or kneel.

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