Popsicle Stick Eiffel Tower Crafts for Kids

by Jennifer Eblin
Mimic the shape and structure of the Eiffel Tower in your design.

Mimic the shape and structure of the Eiffel Tower in your design.

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The Eiffel Tower is a feat of engineering genius. Located in Paris, France it's a sight that many people will never see for themselves, but something they can recreate at home. The project uses Popsicle sticks, which are better known as craft sticks, toothpicks and a hot glue gun. Use the Eiffel Tower projects as a teaching lesson for your kids, showing them how to make different items from simple craft products.

The Eiffel Tower

To make a replica Eiffel Tower, use a small box, such as the cardboard box used to package bandages and cut the box in half. Cut the ends off four large craft sticks and cut those sticks in half. Cut the ends off four ordinary sized craft sticks and set to one side. Cut small slits or holes into the corner of the box half and insert the four larger sticks into the holes. Add a drop of glue from the glue gun to keep the pieces in place. Trim the other half of the box into a smaller square and glue to the top of the craft sticks. Cut more slits into the corner and slide your smaller sticks through those holes. Glue four more sticks at an angle to the top of those sticks, with the ends meeting at the top. Use more glue to firmly secure all of the pieces together.

Decorative Box

To make a decorative box, arrange four craft sticks on a flat surface, placing the pieces flush against each other, and apply a thin layer of glue to the top, making a bottom for your box. Place three sticks side by side and glue those pieces together and repeat, making the front and back of the box. Glue those pieces together and add more craft sticks to make the left and right sides of the box. Cut several sticks into smaller pieces and use those to make a rough Eiffel Tower shape by gluing the pieces to the top. For a twist on the project, paint an image of the tower on the top of the box.

Flat Tower

Make a flat version of the Eiffel Tower by cutting the ends off six craft stick. Place one horizontally on a flat surface. Glue two sticks to the ends of the first one, placing those at each end. Angle the craft sticks down. Glue two more to the central piece, but make those angled up. Cut one stick into a smaller piece and glue it to the ends at the top. Cut the last stick in half and glue to the very top, putting the top ends on top of each other.

A Valuable Lesson

Use the craft project as a teaching lesson for your kids. Explain how designers and engineers built the original tower and put the large metal pieces together. Ask your kids to compare and contrast, or find the similarities and differences between the building of the real tower and your project.

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