How to Do a Pop-Shovit on a Skateboard

by Joseph Cohen
A skaterboarder beginning a pop-shovit.

A skaterboarder beginning a pop-shovit.

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A pop-shovit is a fairly basic skateboard trick. A variation on the ollie, the skater jumps into the air while the board rotates 180 degrees underneath him, so that when the skater lands, the tail of the board is now facing forward. It can be a difficult trick to perform while at speed, so it is best learned while stationary or moving very slowly.

Items you will need

  • Skateboard
  • Safety equipment
Step 1

Place one foot on the tail of the board, and one at the midpoint, as if you were about to ollie.

Step 2

Pop the tail of the board onto the ground and jump into the air. The board should rise underneath you.

Step 3

Slide your forward foot up the board and towards your body, while kicking out with your rear foot. This will cause the board to rotate.

Step 4

When the board has turned around 180 degrees, and the tail is now facing forward, firmly bring your feet down to land. If you wait for gravity to bring you down on top of the board, you will find that it's over-rotated and the board will be facing sideways when you try to land. A properly executed pop-shovit will turn the full 180- degree while the board is rising, and should be caught with the feet at the height of the jump.

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