Polka Dot Party Themes

by Donni Jones
Decorate with polka dot tablecloths or napkins.

Decorate with polka dot tablecloths or napkins.

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Instead of the predictable cocktail party or movie night, throw a polka dot party for your next gathering. Let this unusual, quirky theme inspire everything from your party games and prizes to your food and drinks. Use polka dots in your invitations and party decorations to complete the theme.


Promise everyone in your invitations that they'll have a dotty good time at your polka dot party. Decorate with crepe streamers and balloon clusters. To make polka dots, cut small, medium, large and huge circles from cardboard. Spray paint the cardboard dots with bright colors. Suspend your colorful polka dots from the ceiling and hang them on the walls. Make a polka-dotted banner that says "Polka Dot Party." For a centerpiece on the food table, carve tiny balls from plastic foam, spray paint them and use them to fill two or three mismatched vases.


Play a game of Pin the Polka on the Dot. Cut out a big cardboard circle, as well as a much smaller one. Spray paint them two different colors. Stick two-sided tape on the smaller dot. See which blindfolded guest comes closest to affixing the small dot dead center on the large dot. Buy two beginner polka dot jigsaw puzzles. Divide guests into two teams to see which one can assemble it faster. For a child's party, let each kid grab a polka dot off the wall. Provide them with glue, beads, markers, glitter and stickers. Challenge them to create the fanciest polka dot. If it's a good weather day, hide plastic foam balls throughout your backyard to see who can find the most. Set up a karaoke competition with such songs as "Polka Face" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, "Round and Round" by Tevin Campbell, "Strip Polka" by The Andrews Sisters, "You Spin Me 'Round" by Dead or Alive and "Circles" by The Who.


Shop in dollar stores for inexpensive items to give your contest winners. Buy small items decorated with polka dot patterns, such as key chains, shoelaces, bottle openers, candles, coasters, hair bows and notepads. To thank guests for attending your party, make keepsake polka dot refrigerator magnets. Gather a metal bottle cap for each guest. Spray paint the caps and let them dry before using a different paint color to add polka dots. Glue a small craft magnet inside each cap.


For your party fare, make round sandwiches by using circle-shaped cookie cutters on bread, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, cheese slices and cold cuts. Prepare platters of round food, such as hush puppies, deviled eggs, meatballs, mini quiches, Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes with ranch dressing dip. For dessert, serve bowls of grapes, malted milk chocolate balls, melon balls, donut holes and rounded cereal treats made with melted marshmallows. Make piña coladas and garnish them with cherries or melon balls for your adult guests. Serve virgin piña coladas and polka dot pop, or carbonated soda garnished with a cherry, to the 20-and-younger set.

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