Police Party Ideas

by Noel Shankel
Make sure guests old and young dress as cops for your party.

Make sure guests old and young dress as cops for your party.

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Proper decorations, props, party favors and costumes can make the difference between a successful police party and a total bust. If you're hosting a police party, take the time to craft group games and activities for all to partake in. Just remember to be safe, responsible and respectful of your neighbors to avoid a visit from the real police.

The Invitation

Before the party even starts, you must create a police-themed invitation. One easy invitation is to simply take a blue piece of paper and glue a cut-out police badge onto it. Or, you can create a fake warrant, with the address, time and location of the party written on it. You can place the invitation on a police car card, or a card in the shape of a police gun. When writing the invitation, use clever wording such as "You have the right to attend this party. Everything you bring can and will be used by other guests."

Inside Decorations

Decorate your tables with tablecloths, utensils, plates and cups that match the police theme. Place a blue tablecloth over your table and add red utensils and white cups. Or, a red tablecloth with blue cups and white utensils. Hang -- or let drift freely -- red and blue balloons. Hang pictures of either famous TV cops or celebrities who have been arrested on the walls. Block off rooms you do not want guests to enter with yellow caution tape. Add chalk body outlines to the ground. For a comical effect, add a body outline to your ceiling. Whichever room guests leave their coats in, label it the "evidence" room.


Police party activities can entertain children and adults of all ages. For example, you can create clues that lead to rewards hidden around the house -- such as candy or a gift appropriate for adults -- and hand them to guests. The guests must follow the clues to locate the reward. Or, halfway through the party, you can ask everyone to step into another room while you make alterations to the party decor. Ask your guests to return and identify all of the changes you made. Take a cardboard box and decorate it like a prison cell. Play card games in which the loser has to wait inside the "prison cell" until another loser is determined. Take a fake mug shot of everyone sent to prison.

Costumes and Props

Encourage all guests to come dressed as either police officers or criminals. Police costumes can be made or rented. Criminal costumes can be as simple as wearing horizontally striped pajamas -- similar to the ones worn at Alcatraz -- or more elaborate, such as dressing like Al Capone or Clyde Barrow. If you're hosting, hand out police whistles, fake handcuffs and wanted posters with the faces of invited guests on them. Have a stereo playing cop music in the background of the party, such as the theme to "Cops" or "CHiPs."

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