Police Officer Party Ideas

by Jody Hanson
The blue outfit helps you plan your police officer party.

The blue outfit helps you plan your police officer party.

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Police officer parties are best organized around the police theme from start to finish. Police icons include the color blue and the traditional sheriff's star, so use them throughout your planning. Throwing a police officer party is an opportunity to be creative.


Design the invitations so that they can later be cut into the shape of a traditional sheriff's star. Print the invitations on blue paper and then cut them out. Another option is to glue the invitations to a plastic sheriff's badge that you can buy in a novelty shop. If the guests don't know each other, make additional blue cardboard star nametags that they can wear with double-stick tape.


Mark the entrance to the party with yellow police tape on the sidewalk. If the party is going to be held in the backyard, this is an ideal way to let guests know where to go. Another way to indicate the police party location is to fill blue balloons with helium and tie them outside, close to the sidewalk. If you don't have a tree or lamp post that is handy, secure the balloons to a thin piece of wood and stick it in the ground.

Dress Up

Organize the party around a "cops and robbers" theme. Guests can come as either, but the idea is to dress as close to the prototype as possible. Expect some Al Capones as well as a few Starskys and Hutches. You may want to offer a suitable prize for best costume, such as a pair of toy handcuffs.


Set the table with a white table cloth and napkins. Use blue plates and turn them upside down and put a red plastic cup on top of plate so that it looks like a police car with a revolving red light. Consistent with the blue theme, make blue stars for the walls and buy some inexpensive plastic police cars from a novelty shop. If you have photos of the guests -- or if it is a birthday party -- make "mug shots" and put them on the wall or use them as place cards for the table.


Organize a scavenger hunts around a police theme: parking ticket, piece of broken glass, handcuffs. Another game is to divide the guests into "cops" and "robbers." The cops have to protect a dozen water balloons at the "bank," while the robbers try to steal them and take them to the robber's hideaway that is a "safe" place. Make a jail from a large electrical appliance box with a door and a small window for the face.

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