Polar Bear Animal Craft for Toddlers

by Katlyn Joy
Polar bears make great craft themes for preschoolers.

Polar bears make great craft themes for preschoolers.

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Polar bears are favorite animals of preschoolers and figure prominently in A-to-Z animal units, or in winter or arctic themes. Because of the simple shape of the animal and the high contrast of white against a dark background, the polar bear makes an easy art subject.

Cotton Ball Polar Bear

For this polar bear art project, supply preschoolers with a piece of construction paper, preferably in a dark shade, with the outline of a polar bear already drawn on it. Instruct students to fill in the polar bear shape with cotton balls. Supply them with a stack of cotton balls and white school glue. When working on the head area, give the students a small wiggly eye to glue into place as well.

Handprint Polar Bear

Give preschoolers a sheet of blue construction paper and some white washable paint. Demonstrate to them how to paint their entire palm white with the paint then carefully place their handprint on the paper without smearing the image. Then tell them to wipe their hand along the bottom edge of the paper to look like snow on the ground. Provide wet rags or paper towels to wash the paint from their hands. Have the students use a finger to dot the picture with white paint to resemble falling snow. After wiping up their hands, they can take a black marker and draw features such as claws on the polar bear's feet (ends of the fingers on the handprint) and ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

Pompom Polar Bear

Preschoolers will enjoy assembling this polar bear out of pompoms. First have them glue two large white pompoms together to comprise the head and body of the bear. On the head section, add two small white pompoms for ears with glue. Glue on two small googly eyes and a small black pompom for the nose. Take four small sparkly white pompoms and glue on for the hands and feet. Add a small felt blue bow tie with glue below the head. Let dry thoroughly.

Marshmallow Polar Bear

Make this edible polar bear art project with marshmallows. Take two large marshmallows and stick them together on a toothpick. For each arm, put two mini-marshmallows on one end of a toothpick and stick the other end into the polar bear's body. For the legs, stick one mini-marshmallow and 1/2 white jelly bean. The jelly beans provide more stability so the polar bear can stand up. Using icing as glue, put on a brown M&M; nose, two small snips of black licorice for eyes, and two white jelly bean halves for ears.

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