Pogo Hearts Tricks

by Jeffrey Norman
The Queen of Spades is an extraordinarily important card in hearts.

The Queen of Spades is an extraordinarily important card in hearts.

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Hearts is a popular card game, and the website Pogo has earned a good reputation for its online hearts feature. Playing hearts anywhere, including on Pogo's web page, requires understanding the game's features. The word "trick" can refer to a round of play in hearts, though it can also suggest an expert yet risky move.

What Are Tricks in Hearts?

When discussing card games, a "trick" is defined as a single round of play in which each player handles one card. Some card games call for players to win all of the cards, or all the cards of a certain suit. In hearts, there are two possible ways to win the game. One is to actually avoid hearts during each trick or round, also known as losing tricks. The other is to win all 13 of the available heart cards.

Losing and Painting Tricks in Pogo Hearts

To win at hearts, including Pogo Hearts, you need to lose the tricks that feature many cards from the hearts suit. Also crucial is losing any trick that contains the Queen of Spades. Whoever loses the most tricks earns the fewest points, making him the victor. "Painting a trick" means to play a card from the hearts suit, when you have one, when cards from another suit are being played. This is an effective strategy for clearing those unwanted hearts cards from your hand.

Handling High Cards in Pogo Hearts

Having too many high cards, representing a lot of points, is not a great situation to be in during hearts. During a particularly poor hand, play a high card on the first or second trick during a trick featuring the card's suit. The Queen of Spades is the ultimate high card in hearts; holding it can make or break your game. If you hold a good number of spades cards in addition to this Queen, it's best to keep her. Less than three spades in your hand, including the Queen, means you should drop her as soon as possible.

Shooting the Moon

Again, earning the fewest points, by losing the most tricks, is one way to win. The other way to triumph, winning all the hearts cards, is a bit more difficult. One trick -- as in a move of strategy -- for advanced Pogo Hearts players is "shooting the moon," which means winning all the heart cards and the Queen of Spades, worth 13 points, for a total of 26 points. There is no precise way to execute this move. Some tips, though, include: having high hearts cards like the Queen and Ace; holding at least five cards; and playing low cards discreetly.

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