The Plot of "The Other Man" With Liam Neeson

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Most of "The Other Man" was filmed in England.

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"The Other Man" is a 2008 film about a love triangle. Directed by Richard Eyre, this British- and American-made movie boasts an all-star cast and a solid story. It is based on a short story by German law professor and writer Bernhard Schlink.


Liam Neeson stars in "The Other Man" as Peter, who initially is a very happily married man. His wife, Lisa, is played by Laura Linney. Peter and Lisa's adult daughter, Abigail, is played by Romola Garai. Antonio Banderas portrays Ralph, Lisa's other love interest.

Opening of "The Other Man"

As "The Other Man" opens, we see Lisa and Peter sharing a romantic dinner. Married for 25 years, the couple have the appearance of a happy couple. But as the evening progresses and Lisa packs and leaves for a routine trip to Milan (she is a shoe designer who regularly travels to Europe for business), we pick up on tenuous undercurrents. As Lisa walks out the door after an odd goodbye, Peter figures that things isn't as rosy as he thought.

Discovery of an Affair

As Lisa jets off to Milan, Peter discovers pictures on his wife's computer of her and a dark-haired man; some of the pictures are of the two of them in compromising positions. Lisa has obviously been having an affair. Peter uses his skills as a computer guru to figure out the man's name (Ralph) and where he lives (Milan). He sets off for Italy to figure out what is going on and to learn more about his wife's double life.

Peter's and Ralph's Lives Intersect

Once in Milan, Peter quickly finds Ralph and follows him to a cafe. Ralph is a sophisticated chess buff, and Peter invites himself to play. The men chat and Ralph talks about the love of his life, clueless that Peter is her husband. In the meantime, Lisa has vanished from both men's lives. Peter replies to Ralph's emails to Lisa, pretending to be her. A tenuous friendship occurs between Ralph and Peter, at least on Ralph's side. Back in the United States, Abigail discovers her mother's affair and her father's burning desire for vengeance. She begs Peter to return home, but her words fall on deaf ears.

Loose Ends are Tied Up (Spoilers)

Peter discovers that Ralph is actually a janitor, not the suave, sophisticated man he portrays. His anger diminishes slightly but he is still furious about being treated like a fool. Peter sends Ralph an email, allegedly from Lisa, telling him to meet her at Lake Como. When Ralph shows up, Peter tells him that Lisa is dead (which is true; she'd been ill) and Ralph is stunned to learn that Peter is the husband of the woman he so deeply loves. In the end, he throws a party in Lisa's memory, and Peter and Abigail attend.


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