Plot Summary for "Remember Me" With Robert Pattinson

by Joshua Wade
The 2010 drama starred Robert Pattinson as troubled college student, Tyler Hawkins.

The 2010 drama starred Robert Pattinson as troubled college student, Tyler Hawkins.

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Directed by Allen Coulter and written by Will Fetters, "Remember Me" was released in early 2010 and tells the story of the relationship between two traumatized college students. Starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Ravin, Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan, "Remember Me" deals with a number of psychological issues and ultimately concerns the life of Pattinson's character, Tyler Hawkins, and the effect of his life on the lives of those around him.


Ally Craig and Tyler Hawkins (portrayed by Emilie De Ravin and Robert Pattinson) have both experienced traumatic events that have left them emotionally unavailable to everyone around them. Ally witnessed the brutal murder of her mother on a New York City subway when she was 11, while Tyler has become directionless and troubled by the suicide of his brother. Both are students at New York University where they meet for the first time. Soon, Tyler finds himself in trouble with the law, namely Ally's policeman father Neil. Tyler's friend Aidan convinces Tyler to begin a relationship with Ally and then leave her as a form of vengeance against her father. Tyler agrees, only to fall in love with Ally throughout the course of the film. While most of the film focuses on the evolution of Tyler and Ally's relationship and how their love opens them to the love of their family and friends, all of whom they have alienated due to the trauma they have experienced, the film's primary focus is on Tyler. Through his relationship with Ally, Tyler begins to realize the destructive effects of his decisions on those around him and aims to turn his life around.

The Destructive Nature of Traumatic Events

The film's first main theme is the destructive nature of traumatic events on otherwise emotionally healthy people. Until she falls in love with Tyler, Ally has been scarred by the murder of her mother, allowing no one to get close to her and avoiding the New York City subway at all costs. Neil also becomes overprotective of his daughter to the point of smothering her. Tyler has alienated everyone around him, feeling that regardless of what he does, everyone will ultimately abandon him and so he moves aimlessly through life, alone. He resents himself and his lawyer father Charles out of the misguided view that Charles caused his brother undue stress and that both he and his father could have done something to prevent his brother's death.

The Healing Power of Relationships

The film's second main theme is the healing power that relationships have on the emotionally scarred. Ally and Tyler's love for one another opens them both to the people around them. Their relationship brings them both happiness and a sense of tranquility by the end of the film. Ally clings to her father and their relationship seems to be strengthened by the traumatic loss of Ally's mother. Tyler, too, seems to buttress the crippling loss of his brother by strengthening his relationship with his younger sister Caroline, of whom he is exceptionally protective.

Tyler's Life on Those Around Him

Tyler reveals the plan that initially brought he and Ally together, causing Ally to leave him. Angered by his mistakes, Tyler takes out his frustration on a group of girls who had been harassing Caroline by bursting into their classroom and throwing a chair through a window. Charles, feeling that Tyler has stood up for his sister, forms an uneasy bond with his son. Ally then admits that she is in love with Tyler and the two reconnect, giving both characters the love and peace they have been searching for. In the end, Tyler goes to visit his father at his law office. It is soon after revealed to be September 11, 2001 and Tyler is waiting alone in Charles' office, his father late to their meeting, in one of the Twin Towers just before the attacks occur. The measure of Tyler's life, his choices and the life-altering relationship with Ally is then revealed in its entirety. While all characters involved are devastated by Tyler's death, Caroline becomes a stronger person and she and Charles begin to rebuild their relationship. Ally, too, has matured and grown stronger through her relationship with Tyler, as the movie closes with her taking the subway for the first time since her mother's death.


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