Plot Summary for the Lifetime Movie "Circle of Friends"

by Jena Ross
Childhood school friends are part of Lifetime's

Childhood school friends are part of Lifetime's "Circle of Friends."

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Everyone seems to be dying around Maggie, and unless those mysterious deaths are coincidences, she might be in danger too. Suspense, intrigue and danger envelop writer Joyce Heft Brotman's 2006 Lifetime TV movie "Circle of Friends." Maggie, played by Julie Benz, travels back to her hometown after the sudden death of one of her childhood friends. Maggie begins to connect her friend's death with the mysterious deaths of other former classmates, and she finds herself coming closer and closer to danger.

Returning Home

Directed by Stefan Pleszczynski, "Circle of Friends" opens with 30-year-old Maggie traveling home to upstate New York to attend the funeral of an old childhood friend. Maggie, a career woman in New York City, is glad to return home and is nostalgic when she runs into Emily, Susan, Joan and her ex-boyfriend Harry. Yet she soon discovers the funeral is linked to something sinister.

Murder Links

Maggie begins to connect the funeral to mysterious deaths involving other former classmates. When she tries to suggest a link between the mysterious deaths, her friends and police are not convinced, so Maggie investigates on her own. She begins to consider that the murder might be one of her own friends.

The Plot Thickens

With memories of her childhood schooldays emerging, Maggie remembers a mysterious school death, which she is certain is the reason behind the current murders. When Maggie herself has a close call but manages to escape, she realizes that her worst fears have been confirmed -- her life is in danger. She has to develop a plan to save her friends and herself from the killer.

The Murderer

As Maggie gets closer and closer to the truth, she learns that her friends are hiding something from her, but she's not sure what. Maggie's friends have secrets that she needs to know. Chris Kramer (Harry) and Venus Turzo (Susan) play opposite Benz in this Lifetime movie, with hand-clenching results. "Circle of Friends" is recommended if you are a fan of suspense thrillers.

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