Plot of the Movie "Veer"

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Salman Khan is the star of

Salman Khan is the star of "Veer."

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"Veer" is a Hindi language epic movie first released in 2010. It is set during the Pindari resistance era of the occupation of Rajasthan in the early 19th century. The film stars Salman Khan, Zarine Khan and Mithun Chakraborty, and is directed by Anil Sharma. Although the film was not a critical success, it performed well at the box office in areas such as Kota and Jaipur in India.

Prithvi's Legacy

Veer Pratap Singh is the son of the legendary Pindari fighter Prithvi Singh. Prithvi was known across India for his battles against British colonialists. Veer wishes, in his role as a prince, to pay tribute to his father's honor by leading an army of Pindaris into battle against the British to free India from its colonialist oppressors. Veer is assisted by his younger brother, Punya Singh, as they attempt to summon up enough brave fighters to form an army.

Escape to Rajasthan

The king of the kingdom of Madhavghar, Gyanendra Singh, is opposed to the insurrection. He feels that Veer is a threat to his control of Madhavghar and sets about ordering his execution. Gyanendra forms a temporary alliance with the British, in particular Governor James Fraser, saying that Madhavghar will support British troops in their efforts to crush the Pindari. Hearing of this development, Veer and Punya escape to the deserts of Rajasthan.

Failed Attack

The Pindaris capture the daughter of Gyanendra, Princess Yashodhara, to send a message to him. Veer begins to find himself falling in love with Yashodhara but doesn't know if she returns his affections. The Pindari warriors make an assault on Gyanendra's palace, but are betrayed by spies and find themselves being slaughtered en masse during the assault. Veer discovers that Gyanendra murdered his father but is unable to gain any vengeance on him.

British Revenge

Governor Fraser's wife, Lady Angela Fraser, is struck by her conscience and starts to criticize her husband's movements as he comes to the aid of Gyanendra in killing thousands of Pindaris. Lady Fraser's pleas go unheard, however, as Fraser and Gyanendra continue to destroy the Pindari movement and Veer Pratap Singh's efforts to carry on in his father's name and avenge his death.

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