The Plot of the Movie "Termination Point"

by Iam Jaebi

Released in 2007, "Termination Point" stars Jason Priestly, most famous from his role on the TV series "Beverly Hills 90210," and Lou Diamond Phillips, best known for his roles in the films "La Bamba" and "Young Guns." The time travel science fiction thriller was never shown theatrically; the film was released on DVD in 2008. Despite the film's low budget, critics and science fiction fans enjoy the story; it has garnered comparisons to the TV series "24" and the Stephen King TV miniseries "The Langoliers."

Inexplicable Plane Crash

Just after the opening credits roll, a plane crashes down on a farm in middle America. Two teens run to investigate, finding an airliner torn to shreds. The young man picks up a paper remnant. Staring at it confused, he asks the young girl the current date. When she tells him, he replies, "This plane leaves tomorrow." Suddenly, a vortex in the sky opens and sucks the two teens in, despite their best efforts to escape. This scene sets the major conflict that takes center stage for the remainder of "Termination Point."

The Plane's Passengers

Caleb Smith, played by Jason Priestly, is an agent working for the SDC, the government's top-secret agency of time cops. Early in the film, Caleb delivers his wife and daughter to the airport to begin a vacation. He promises to meet up with them later. Afterward, Caleb investigates a lead, finding a video confession left by Dr. Winter (Lou Diamond Phillips), who confesses to stealing a device to keep it out of "the wrong hands." Dr. White happens to be fleeing on the same plane as Caleb's family, a fact Caleb doesn't discover until the president orders the plane shot down as a matter of national security.

The Plot Thickens and Time Unravels

Distraught over the apparent loss of his wife and daughter, Caleb investigates the plane crash from the first scene, finding his daughter's book bag. Another agent informs Caleb that the plane crashed a day earlier, meaning it could not be the plane on which his family perished. When Caleb confronts SDC agents with higher security clearance, they inform him what the stolen device does: teleport matter through space and time. Caleb learns that his wife's plane actually wasn't destroyed, but swallowed by a wormhole. Moments before the plane is shot down, Dr. White activated the teleportation device, sucking the plane into "null space," another dimension.

Caleb Races to Rescue His Family

Dr. White used one of two controllers in the world to teleport the plane on which he and Caleb's family flew. Caleb races across the state, desperately looking for the second controller, the only chance he has to save his wife and daughter before their plane meets its future fate. Along the way, Caleb suspects a mole is hidden at the SDC because assassins are hot on his tail, trying to retrieve the controller before he does or kill him in the process.

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