The Plot of the Movie "Superbad"

by David Koenig
Jonah Hill, left, and Michael Cera star in 2007's

Jonah Hill, left, and Michael Cera star in 2007's "Superbad."

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The 2007 movie "Superbad" is part gross-out comedy, part buddy movie and part coming-of-age drama. It's even been called a "bromance" for its touching portrayal of affection between two guy friends. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera play Seth and Evan in this funny, fairly adult film about a series of mishaps as two friends prepare to graduate high school together.

Seth and Evan

Seth and Evan are best friends, attached at the hip since elementary school and preparing to go their separate ways for the first time as high school graduation comes around. Evan, the archetypal nerd, is going to Dartmouth College, while porn-obsessed fat kid Seth didn't get in. They're plainly terrified of being separated, but they put on a macho front and shrug off their anxiety. As the movie opens, they're on their way to school, and the only thing on their minds is getting "a piece of the action" before graduation.

The Girls

Seth is dying to hook up with Jules, the coolest girl in school. Evan, an altogether sweeter type, wants to charm Becca. They seize their chance when they get an unexpected invitation to a grad party thrown by Jules. When the decidedly uncool Fogell reveals he's getting his hands on a fake ID, Seth takes advantage and arranges to buy alcohol for the girls, hoping he and Evan will have their way with Jules and Becca before the night is out.

Fogell's Liquor Store Disaster

It all starts to go wrong when Fogell goes for liquor. He makes the purchase successfully, while Seth and Evan wait outside, but as he's leaving, he's interrupted by an armed robber who gives him a black eye. To his friends' horror, Fogell -- AKA McLovin, of Hawaii, according to his fake driver's license -- has to talk to the cops. Meanwhile, Seth starts worrying over the lost liquor, and in his panic, he gets hit by a car. But Seth again turns a situation to his advantage and cons the driver into driving them to the party to make up for the accident.

Seth and Evan's Detour

Seth and Evan get roped into going to another party with the driver, Francis. It turns out Francis isn't welcome there, and a fight ensues. Evan smells trouble and departs, leaving Seth to his own devices. A dance with a drunk girl leads to an embarrassing incident, and while Seth is in the basement trying to wash blood off his pants (see the movie or use your imagination to fill in the blanks), he spies free beer, which he empties into two innocuous-looking detergent containers.

Fogell Makes New Buddies

Meanwhile, Fogell has made a detour of his own. The two dumb-as-anything cops have befriended him and are determined to show him a good time. During the course of his evening, Fogell gets drunk in a bar, catches a criminal and tests out police guns in a shoot-off, just for fun. As his new buddies are about to drive him to his grad party, they get a call to an out-of-control house party. Seth makes a quick exit (with his free beer) when the cops show up to raid the place.

A Fight and a Reunion

Seth catches up with Evan, and he's mad that Evan bailed on him. They argue, and Seth reveals that, far from being happy that Evan is going to Dartmouth, he's upset about that, too. In response, Evan accuses Seth of holding him back. The heated argument turns nasty as Evan pushes Seth into the road, just as Fogell and the cops come along. The police car hits Seth, and Fogell is unexpectedly reunited with his friends. The threesome escape arrest and outrun the cops, eventually making it to the party.

The Party

Once at the party, Fogell unwittingly lets slip with a secret: He will be Evan's roommate at Dartmouth. A devastated Seth says he's been stabbed in the back by his best friend. The pair fall out, but they're still determined to do what they came to do. Unfortunately, Jules is not prepared to do anything with a by-now-blind-drunk Seth. Becca, meanwhile, is more than willing to have fun with Evan in the bedroom, but a conscientious Evan turns her down. He doesn't want to take advantage of her while she's clearly intoxicated. The evening turns sour, and it's capped off by the cops -- yes, Fogell's old friends -- arriving to break up the party.

All's Well That Ends Well

Seth and Evan, both drunk, head for Evan's home. Seth confesses he knew about the roommate relationship all along. The two friends make up and, before going to sleep on the basement floor, they share an intimate hug and a (non-sexual) "I love you." The next morning, they are clearly a little embarrassed by their candid show of emotions. They decide to head to the mall, where they bump into Jules and Becca. As the movie ends, Jules and Seth decide to do some shopping together, while Evan and Becca go off together to look for comforters. The lifelong friends separate nervously, perhaps for the first time.

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