Plot of the Movie "Hellboy"

by Jim Orrill

"Pan's Labyrinth" director Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and directed 2004's "Hellboy."

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Director Guillermo del Toro's 2004 film "Hellboy" brought creator Mike Mignola's supernatural hero from comic books to the silver screen. Ron Perlman stars in the title role, supported by a cast that includes Selma Blair and John Hurt. The film earned nearly $100 million globally and del Toro followed it with the 2008 sequel, "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army."

Secret Origins

"Hellboy" opens in 1944, with U.S. troops invading a Scottish island accompanied by occult expert Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm. The Nazis, seeking to harness the occult as a weapon, have engaged legendary Russian occultist Grigori Rasputin to open an extra-dimensional portal to Hell. The troops attack, killing Rasputin and closing the portal. The troops find an infant demon on the island and affectionately name him Hellboy.

Sixty Years Later...

In present day Moldavia, Rasputin's acolytes enact a blood ritual to raise Rasputin from beyond the grave. Happy to be back, Rasputin has big plans for this brave new world. In the United States, Broom now works for the BPRD, and welcomes John Myers, the bureau's newest recruit, to the New Jersey office, where he introduces Myers to amphibious telepath Abe Sapien and briefs him on the bureau's essential mission.

Meet Hellboy

Myers meets Hellboy, who's kept locked up in the bowels of the bureau office. They're just getting acquainted when an alert comes in that an occult menace is loose in a New York City museum. Hellboy battles the demon Sammael. It's a messy affair which spills out into the city streets and onto the subway tracks before Hellboy manages to kill the creature. After the fracas, Hellboy slips away from his handlers.

Courting Liz

Hellboy wanders to the psychiatric institution where Liz resides. She's a pyrokinetic, able to emit and project flame, but her control over her powers is spotty. Hellboy wants her to return to the bureau, but Liz doesn't have fond memories of the place and declines. Rasputin later activates Liz's powers while she's sleeping, resulting in a destructive conflagration. Myers visits Liz shortly afterward and coaxes her to return, promising to help her control her abilities.

Subterranean Cleanup Crew - Spoilers

Back at the base, Hellboy learns that Sammael lays eggs at a prodigious rate, which quickly hatch into new demons. Hellboy and company venture underground to track down stray eggs and Abe is attacked by another iteration of Sammael during his search. Hellboy has his own dance partner and their fight takes them into a crowded subway station, effectively blowing Hellboy's cover. Hellboy prevails and Abe escapes with relatively minor injuries, but Kroenen, a re-animated assassin, slaughters most of the other agents on the site before collapsing. Hellboy finds Kroenen's apparent corpse, and calls in backup.

Home Invasion - Spoilers

Back at the bureau, Kroenen's mystically animated carcass revives and admits Rasputin into the complex while Hellboy and the others enjoy a night out. Rasputin confronts Broom, revealing his plans to use Hellboy to re-open the portal and bring about Hell on Earth. Kroenen kills Broom and Hellboy returns shortly afterward, mourning his surrogate father. Rasputin left a clue behind, providing the location of his Russian base. It's obviously a trap, but just as obviously, the bureau won't let this outrage go unavenged.

Showdown in Mother Russia - Spoilers

Hellboy, Liz and Myers venture to Rasputin's lair and after killing Kroenen, Hellboy is incapacitated after battling a horde of demons. When Hellboy comes to, Rasputin threatens to render Liz a soulless husk unless Hellboy opens the portal. Myers snaps Hellboy back to reason, appealing to the humanity Broom cultivated within him, and Hellboy kills Rasputin. Rasputin unleashes a demonic behemoth before he dies, which Hellboy manages to kill with the help of a grenade belt. His troubles aren't over yet, though -- Liz is on the brink of death, but comes back to full vigor after Hellboy threatens the demons on the portal's other side with retribution unless they restore her life and soul. The lovers kiss and the credits roll.

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