The Plot of the Movie "Header"

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Header was on the film festival circuit beginning in 2006.

Header was on the film festival circuit beginning in 2006.

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"Header" is a June 30, 2009, theatrical movie in the comedy-horror and crime-drama film genres. The movie was directed by Archibald Flancranstin and written by Edward Lee (story) and Michael E. Kennedy (screenplay). The story centers on a challenging psychological journey undertaken by the main character, ATF Agent Stewart Cummings.


ATF Agent Steward Cummings is trying to uncover a sequence of very strange murders, but as he investigates, he becomes more drawn in by the corruption and deceit that he encounters along the way. Cummings finds himself getting deeper and deeper into the world of murder and rape and other criminal activities, causing his investigation to spiral out of control and his life to go in a dangerous direction.

Story Development

Agent Cummings is a curious type whose curiosity gets him in trouble when he inquires with state police about a strange murder of a woman. When he approaches his superior J. L., he is introduced to what a "Header" is. This is a climactic point in the evolution in the story as he discovers that once you make a decision to try something unknown it can take your mind and your life in a direction you never imagined.

Inside the Character

A major component of the development of the movie "Header" and its main character are the significant challenges he faces in life. Agent Stewart is overwhelmed by the financial burden of taking care of his sick girlfriend. This makes the lure of an escape more alluring. It also enhances his temptation and contributes to his lack of discipline when he comes upon an opportunity to make money in a questionable way.

Key Themes

"Header" is a very diverse psychological thriller with a large number of plot themes. Though Not Rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, it is an especially disturbing film and not for the faint of heart. Bostaph describes a number of the main thematic elements by stating the movie includes "deranged rednecks, creepy grandpas, severely damaged and gravely 'misused' farm girls, deviant sex, drugs, gore, and dirty cops."

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