How to Play Texas Scramble Golf

by Izzy Barden
Texas scramble is a team format in golf.

Texas scramble is a team format in golf.

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The Texas Scramble is the format of a golf team event often used in charity and non-profit tournaments. Many consider the Texas Scramble the best way for a wide range of golfers, with varying skill levels, to play together and contribute to an overall team score.

Step 1

Select a team captain to make all the final decisions for your foursome during the round.

Step 2

Pick the order in which your team will play. Have each member of the team hit a tee shot after you've reached your assigned hole on the golf course.

Step 3

Determine which player hit the best tee shot. Distance alone doesn't matter because, sometimes, a long shot might land behind a tree while a shorter drive finds the fairway. Every player on your team gets to hit his next shot from the new location after he's collected his original golf ball.

Step 4

Continue this process throughout the course from tee to green and keep track of your team's score on each hole.

Step 5

Compare your final score against the other teams in the tournament. The team with the lowest score wins the scramble.

Tips & Warnings

  • In order to make the game more strategic and fair, require each team to use at least three drives from all of its players.

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