How to Play Songs on "Ocarina of Time" Online

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"Ocarina of Time" may be retro to new gamers, but its soundtrack is still cutting edge.

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Among the thousands of hit titles and ingenious games made since the inception of the gaming industry, "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" is one of the most consistently acclaimed video games of all time. Released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998, "Ocarina of Time" introduced players to an expansive world that would change video games forever. In addition to the innovative gameplay and story mechanics, "Ocarina of Time" remains renowned for its brilliant soundtrack and ocarina-based musical segments. 

Step 1

Earn "Zelda's Lullaby" from Impa after talking with Zelda. The song is played in the order of C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up and C-Right.

Step 2

Learn "Saria's Song" from your first visit to the Sacred Forest Meadow from Saria herself: C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right and C-Left.

Step 3

Play "Zelda's Lullaby" in front of the last headstone in the Kakariko Graveyard to learn "Sun's Song": C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down and C-Up.

Step 4

Talk to the Guru in the Kakariko Windmill to learn the "Song of Storms": C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A and C-Down.

Step 5

Retrieve the Ocarina of Time, and Zelda communicates the "Song of Time" to you telepathically: C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A and C-Down.

Step 6

Talk to Malon on the Lon Lon Ranch, and equip your Ocarina in front of her. She will teach you "Epona's Song": C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left and C-Right.

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