How to Play Nutrition Bingo

by Brian Gabriel
Nutrition Bingo is a healthy alternative to regular bingo.

Nutrition Bingo is a healthy alternative to regular bingo.

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Nutrition bingo is just like regular bingo, except that it reinforces health and nutrition terminology. The call list is made up of foods, nutrients and other words associated with a healthy diet. The game is played by one person calling out words or, in a more advanced version, by describing the word on the call list in the form of a clue rather than actually saying the word. The advanced version is most appropriate for adults and older children because it makes them think through the definitions of the words. The game ends once a player scores a bingo, which consists of five consecutive correct answers in any direction.

Step 1

Write out a call list of words dealing with nutrition. Some examples include sodium, fiber, calories, fruit and dairy. When the time comes to play the game, the caller starts at the top of the call list and moves down the list until a winner is made.

Step 2

Print out nutrition bingo cards (Resources). Either find pre-made bingo cards online or create your own. Make your own cards by printing out blank bingo cards and then writing the words on them randomly, or by using an online software that writes the words on the cards and randomizes them for you.

Step 3

Hand out a bingo card to each participant. Give each person 25 buttons or similar markers to place on top of a word that is called out.

Step 4

Call off words in the order they are written down on the call list. This is vital to the game because you need to verify when somebody calls out a bingo.

Step 5

Check the player's board when he calls out a bingo. A bingo requires five words in a row going horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Check all five of the answers to make sure they correspond with your call list. The only winner in a game of nutrition bingo is the one who calls out "bingo" before anyone else.

Step 6

Reward the winner with a healthy snack. It defeats a major purpose of the game if you award the winner with candy bars or licorice. Give the winner some tasty and healthy treats that will make her proud of her victory. In an adult game of nutrition bingo, a gift card to a healthy food or nutrition store may be an appropriate prize.

Tips & Warnings

  • Start a nutrition bingo session with a short lesson on health, nutrition and diet. This helps participants learn unfamiliar nutrition vocabulary, which will inform them and help them enjoy playing nutrition bingo.

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