How to Play Mini-Golf

by Izzy Barden
The whole family can play mini golf.

The whole family can play mini golf.

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Based on the basic rules of golf, an entire mini golf course includes 9 or 18 holes of varying difficulty but requires only the use of a putter, not the complete set of clubs necessary for a real golf course. Each mini golf hole might have an obstacle -- like a windmill or clown's mouth -- obstructing a direct shot to the hole.

Step 1

Place your ball on the rubber mat signifying the starting area for each hole.

Step 2

Aim towards the cup or a spot that will best set up your next putt. Take into account the ramps and other obstacles on each hole as you plan your route to the cup.

Step 3

Putt the ball, applying only enough force to get to your designated target.

Step 4

Continue putting until your ball drops into the cup. If you miss your fifth putt on any hole, pick your ball up and mark a 6 on your score card. Most mini golf courses do not allow you to take more than six strokes on any hole in order to keep play moving along. Tally your score at the end of the round -- low total wins!

Tips & Warnings

  • Like in billiards, you can purposely bank your ball off the surrounding walls in order to achieve the desired angle to the hole.
  • Playing at a mini golf course is unlike "real" golf due to the vast differences in the putting surface.

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