How to Play Doctor Dodgeball

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The team with the last player standing wins Doctor Dodgeball.

The team with the last player standing wins Doctor Dodgeball.

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Also known as "Doctor, Doctor," Doctor Dodgeball is a variant of the classic dodgeball game. Opposing teams tag players by throwing a ball and hitting the player below his waist. A secret "doctor" has the power to heal a fallen player by touching his shoulder, which brings him back into the game. The strategy of Doctor Dodgeball relies on the secrecy of the doctor's identity. Once opposing players discover the doctor's identity, he will become a main target for the other players, so slow reaction to the doctor's touch will keep him in the game longer, prolonging your team's chances to win.

Items you will need

  • Chalk or marker for line
Step 1

Divide an equal number of players into two teams. Draw a separating line between the two teams with chalk, or mark the area with cones. Players may not cross the middle line or they will be out.

Step 2

Instruct both teams to choose a secret doctor. Meanwhile, place a set of dodgeballs on the dividing line of the playing area. Once both teams are ready, blow a whistle to begin the game. Players from both teams rush the line to collect the balls and begin throwing them at the opposite team's players.

Step 3

Sit down immediately if you are hit below the waist with a dodgeball. If the doctor touches your shoulder, you may resume play. If the doctor has been hit, you cannot resume play.

Step 4

Continue playing until at least one player is left standing. The team with the last standing player wins the game.

Tips & Warnings

  • When the doctor touches you, do not react immediately. Wait a few moments and then resume play, which will help keep the doctor's identity a secret.
  • If playing in a large group, choose two secret doctors for each team.
  • In a variant of Doctor Dodgeball, the doctor must drag the "out" player to the wall to revive the player (instead of touching his shoulder).
  • You do not need the doctor to be in play to win Doctor Dodgeball. However, once the doctor is out, he cannot be revived and the game will depend on the team's dodgeball skill.
  • Dodgeball is best played in a walled-in area, as this will keep balls in play.

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