Plans for a Scary Halloween Party

by Kyra Sheahan
Come up with ideas for a scary Halloween party.

Come up with ideas for a scary Halloween party.

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This Halloween, spook your friends and family by throwing a scary party. A scary Halloween party is a good way to add excitement and eeriness to your soiree, while impressing guests with your creative skills. Think about a theme for your party, such as a science lab, dungeon or a haunted house, and work your decorations, foods and other plans into the theme to keep your party consistent.


Start things off by advertising your scary Halloween party to your invitees. Send out invitations that set the theme for your Halloween party. For instance, if you are hosting a science lab-themed party, use the following wording: "Join us for a Halloween party in Steve's science lab." For a dungeon-themed party, say, "Welcome to the dungeon, where there's no turning back."


A scary Halloween party can be pulled off with the right decorations. If you are hosting a science lab theme, decorate your space with specimen jars filled with water and grapes for eyeballs, cauliflower for brains and licorice for intestines. Color the water with food coloring to make it look old and wrap the specimen jars with spider webs. If you are doing a haunted house theme, decorate the walls or floors with black paper shadows, pictures of eyeballs, bowls of eggs with plastic worms, tall candles and fake animals, such as rats, bats and ravens.

Sound Effects

A significant part of scary Halloween parties is sound effects. For a dungeon-themed party, play a tracks with sounds of chainsaws, banging metal and screams. A haunted house party can inspire you to play a soundtrack of creaky stairs, slamming doors, children laughing or witches cackling. For a science lab theme, play sounds of potions bubbling, mad scientists laughing and rats squeaking. Keep the music playing throughout the party to add to the spooky Halloween ambience.


The lighting of your room impacts how scary your Halloween party turns out. Keep the lights dim for your party, but light enough so that your guests see the eerie decorations. In some places of your home, use only black lights and incorporate white decorations that glow. Another type of lighting option is to use a strobe lamp, which creates a flicker effect.


Guests attend parties expecting food or snacks. When planning your scary Halloween party, keep food in line with the theme. Some ideas include a cauldron of oatmeal dyed green with food coloring and labeled "mushy brains," a plate of slivered hot dogs made to look like worms, spider cupcakes that are black with black licorice for the legs and a bowl of green olives that are called "toad eyes."


Dress the part for your scary party. If your theme is that of a scary science lab, wear a white lab coat covered with fake blood stains. If you are having a dungeon Halloween party, dress up as a looney prisoner.

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