Plans for PVC Fishing Rod Holders

by Dan Harkins
Leave your rods in a PVC holder until it's time to reel your hook in.

Leave your rods in a PVC holder until it's time to reel your hook in.

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The more hooks you have in the water, the better your chances for catching fish. To keep more hooks in the water, you need fishing rod holders. You can purchase dedicated rod holders from a store, or you can save money by constructing them out of PVC pipe. Properly designed PVC rod holders are easy to assemble and just as easy to bring home with your catch.

Milk Crate Holder

A milk-crate rod holder provides a container to carry other supplies like tackle and even a bait bucket. This makes it easy to change locations. Just cut out several lengths of PVC pipe, of 8 inches long or longer, then attach them securely with plastic cinch ties to the sides of a milk crate. Keep your tackle box or bait bucket in the crate to weigh it down.

Wood Plank

If you have a spare length of 2-inch by 4-inch wood, add some lengths of PVC pipe to alternative sides and hold a dozen or more rods for storage or even your next fishing trip. Just cut two short lengths from the plank and nail them perpendicularly to the main plank at each end. This will keep the plank on its side. Then, mark off every one-half foot along the board. Drill mounting screws through PVC pipe sections and the board every one-half foot (on alternative sides for proper balance)and thread on an appropriately-sized nut to secure the PVC pipe sections in place.


Instead of using a board to mount your upright PVC pipe sections,you can use small sections of PVC pipe, connected by three-way PVC pipe connectors. At each connector, have a PVC pipe section rising skyward as a rod holder. Make a long rectangle in this fashion and you'll have as large a rod holder as you have PVC pipe to make. Just make sure your holders are at least eight inches long to provide the leverage needed to keep the rods upright.

Single Holders

Using five corner PVC connectors, one three-way connector and several sections of PVC pipe, make a square out of PVC pipe. From the center of one side of the square, the three-way connector can bring a section of pipe to the center of the square. From there, a corner connector will be the center stand for a single, balanced rod holder.

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