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by Rebecca Mayglothling
Take the family to Walt Disney World for less.

Take the family to Walt Disney World for less.

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Many parents dream of taking their children to Walt Disney World, a giant theme park that is bigger than the island of Manhattan. While some parents have the financial capabilities to to take their children to the park in Orlando, Florida, once a year, others are not as fortunate. However, Walt Disney World is not only accessible to those with large wallets. With careful planning, a family on a budget can take advantage of the best deals and find the cheapest options for a visit to Disney.

Package Deals

To take advantage of the cheapest prices, consider package deals with Walt Disney World, which will get a family into a variety of parks, provide a place to stay and offer transportation between parks and hotels. With certain package deals, meals are included as well, which can save a family money over paying individual for pricey meals within the parks. The hotels must be owned by Disney and the transportation is arranged at specific pick-up or drop-off locations and times. This plan works well for families who don't mind having to meet buses or trains for Disney entertainment.

Camping at Disney World

Walt Disney World has a section for campers in its Fort Wilderness Resort. The grounds range from basic tent campsites to full hook-up camper sites. Families who stay here are able to enjoy Disney-based activities, including Mickey Mouse's Barbeque. There are also swimming pools, restaurants and shows in addition to the nearby Walt Disney World theme parks.

Choosing the Time of Year

Choosing the right time of year will save a family a great deal of money. Walt Disney World's resorts, and many surrounding accommodations in the area, have varying rates depending on the time of year. Non-peak times in Walt Disney World, according to the website Street Directory, are from January to May, August and mid-December. Aim for these times to plan your cheapest Disney World visit. The state of Florida rarely falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so discounted Disney World times can still yield decent weather to be outdoors, and often less crowded parks and facilities.

Choose Your Parks and Days

Review all the parks and choose only the parks you and your family will enjoy. There are a variety of parks, with each park hosting a wide range of activities, so there often is something to keep everyone busy in each park. Once you have decided where your family would like to visit, buy tickets only for that park. Doing this can save a lot of money on ticket prices, as you pay only for the parts of Walt Disney World your family wants to experience. In addition, avoid buying tickets for the days you arrive and depart Walt Disney World unless you will have the majority of the day to spend in the parks. Instead, you can spend these partial days doing something less costly or even free, like swimming in the hotel pool or walking around Downtown Disney, a shopping and entertainment district.

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