Places to Visit in the Coastal Plains Region

by Elias Westnedge
Herons are common along Florida's beaches.

Herons are common along Florida's beaches.

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The Coastal Plains is a flat, low-lying region in the American South. It includes parts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Texas, as well as the entire states of Florida and Louisiana. This part of the country boasts numerous vacation and tourism spots.

Historic Towns

The Coastal Plains region is home to some of the nation's oldest and most historic towns. Among these is Savannah, Georgia, founded in 1733, and one of the South's major Atlantic ports during the 18th and 19th centuries. The city features Colonial-era architecture, cobblestone streets and numerous restaurants serving traditional Southern cuisine. Additionally, the region is home to Charleston, South Carolina, founded in 1663 and once the United States' third-largest city. Historic English architecture, antebellum Southern mansions and Civil War battlefield sites are numerous in Charleston.

Major Cities

Many major cities are in the Coastal Plains region, including Houston, one of the largest cities in the United States; New Orleans, home of French-influenced Creole and Cajun culture; and Miami, one of America's premier beach towns. These cities and their environs offer attractions such as oceanfront beaches, affordable hotels, professional sporting events, nightlife, high-end shopping, and restaurants serving local and regional cuisine. Additionally, these cities feature year-round warm weather, making them ideal for winter getaways.


Beach lovers have several options in the Coastal Plains region, as it is home to miles of subtropical and tropical shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Among the region's coastal vacation spots are South Padre Island, Texas, and Panama City, Florida, which host thousands of college students on spring break every year; West Palm Beach, Florida, a haven for celebrities and the wealthy; and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, known for its many activities and family-friendly atmosphere.

Resorts and Theme Parks

Theme parks and resorts abound in the Coastal Plains region, as developers have capitalized on the area's mild weather and numerous attractions to draw fun-seeking tourists from around the nation and world. Among these parks are Walt Disney World, which features rides and attractions patterned after Disney's numerous children's movies and television shows; Busch Gardens, home to a plethora of roller coasters and thrill rides; and SeaWorld Orlando's Aquatica, which has water-themed thrill rides.

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